Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to Mel's Home Furnishings Warehouse

Today is 1/24/2010 and I no longer live where I used to live and I still don't live where I moved to. I feel as though I were twilighting between spheres, just hovering above the two plains. I also made it past 1/23/2010 the 5th anniversary of the removal of my heart and a few other vital organs and it's 5 years sober. In addition it's one day past the 65th birthday of Barbara, my first wife. Welcome to Medicare, you lucky stiff. I'll see you there in 14 months, tell 'em I'm coming and bringing all my bills.

I awakened yesterday morning, via alarm clock, something that always has been distasteful to me. It just seems unnatural, that's all. I feel you should sleep until you're done, not be jerked awake by some artificial means because your boss suggests it. But that's just me. At precisely 6:59 AM, a shrill beeping noise occurred in my bedroom, right next to my ear and I was immediately pissed off. Again, no way to awaken to the day. Knowing the "Movers" were come in in 90 minutes, I scurried downstairs and made coffee. Sucked down a cup and climbed back up the stairs to shower, but only after spending 30 minutes playing with my computer, trying to get it up and running. It wasn't until I turned and looked at the TV cable box to see what time it was that I realized I'd had it disconnected today, to be able to install it at the new location. I ran up the stairs reciting these words, Stupid, stupid, stupid...

After a quick shower and hair styling, (You can't look too good for the "Movers") I came back down to see a rather large truck occupying the space in front of my house. That's when I took my first "Whew", as they actually showed up! I got these movers from MJ and she didn't know them personally, but her boyfriend Stanley used them in the past and said they did a good job. Frankly, they were the best part of my day. The company and I give them a big "Thumbs Up", were Rob and Gary's Moving and the two guys showed up and worked tirelessly for a full 8 hours. Paul was the brains of the outfit and never stopped talking to himself as he worked. A couple of times I found myself asking, "what" and he'd just look at me in wonder of what I could possibly want. He also was a bit chubby and had one of the longest butt cracks I'd ever seen. He sported a shaved head, a repaired harelip and a great attitude throughout. Next was Bobbie, his second in command. Bobby was about 6' 2" and built thinly, but was as strong as an ox. I watched him and Paul lift my 300 LB oak wall unit, that I should have gotten rid of in the late 80's and swing it around at will. Bobbie would just smile and make perfect eye contact and give you the most legitimate smile you'd ever seen. No, I don't think he was gay. Polite was the word of the day. I don't think I'd heard "Please and thank you"' so much in a long time.. As they prodded along, I kept a mental tally of the bill, but also knew they were working as fast as they could. I have a lot of STUFF! I'm in the process of cramming 3500 square feet of furnishing into 1300 square feet. The garage is my best and most fully furnished room. It has couches, bedroom set, tables and tons of lamps and decor.

The Movers had to make it in two trips, they actually filled their enormous truck the first time and when they announced they were ready to make the first run, I watched my internal hourly rate meter, just double. I hopped into my car and lead them to the new location. While they were carrying my stuff in, I was checking my watch, because Cox Communications was coming between 1 and 3 to install my cable. At 1:30, Paul and Gary announced they were ready to make the next run. They worked with me and agreed to go by themselves to the old house and start finishing up. I sat contently at the new house wondering where in the hell I'd fit everything? Suddenly, without warning, the thought occurred to me that I'm sitting and waiting for Cox to install my Wifi and my Wifi is at the other house! As panic quickly crossed my body, I ran for the Expedition to drive the 7 miles to the old house. I'd say I was at the point of no return, a little over half way, when my cell phone rang and it was Cox announcing their arrival. I begged for them to wait for me, as I sped to the old house to get the all important Wifi. I came screeching into the driveway, to see Bobbie and Paul working diligently on moving me. I ran in, grabbed a bunch of Spaghetti wires and the Wifi and jumped back into the car to drive over to house number 2, realizing I'd forgotten my check book and would soon have to run back again to get it, in order to pay the guys when they were finished. Alzheimer's uses a lot of gas!

When I got to the new house, the kid was just finishing up the outside work and I didn't inconvenience him in the least. He was also very polite and wished me a good day upon completion of his work. Now it was back in the car to the old house to get my check book. As I was pulling onto my street, I saw the van leaving and realized they would get to the new house and not have me there to let them in, but they were smart enough to try the front door and begin without me. They did however leave lots of things at the old house that I can't carry alone, so I'm kind of stuck there. Plus they took some things that belonged to my realtor and brought them to my new digs, but that will all get straightened out.

Here lies my problem. I don't have cable in the family room, so I watched TV in bed last night and liked it. This might prove to be a problem with company unless they come prepared for bed. Who am I kidding? I couldn't fit another person in this place to begin with. I awakened this morning with my faithful coffee pot and coffee, but no sugar or toothbrush or hair brush or clothes for today or food. I guess I'm still not done moving!