Monday, March 9, 2015

Great News came Today by Special Courier

I haven't written very much of late, mostly because nothing worthy has really happened, however today was a little different. I happen to have the distinction of having been kicked off of twice now and neither time was really my fault. I'll describe the situations to the best of my ability. 

First was several years ago, when some woman from Texas kept drunk writing to me. First, I have no interest in anyone who is living in Texas, period. I ignored the first time and then I politely asked her to cease as I wasn't interested in a long distance relationship. I didn't explain this part to her, but she was also butt ugly! That didn't seem to deter her so after the 5th email, I wrote to her that I thought when viewing her picture, that I spotted some leftover make up in her wrinkles from 1959! Well, that's all it took and I was quickly relieved of my paid membership from Match, with a letter from them that the purpose of Match was to be nice to other members and my email was surely not nice. My membership was about over anyway, so I didn't contest it. Being a member of such a website is almost like a full time job and I was about ready to retire anyhow.

Fast forward about 5 years and while under the influence of Ambien, as outlined in a previous post, I couldn't sleep one night and fell victim to my desires and joined up again. Included in the many emails I received from the 60 to 80 group (I was considered "young stuff"), I had several emails that were kind of rude, when I didn't reply to their initial email attempts, but remembering their policy, just chose to delete them and move on. For your convenience, I'm going to post my profile on this posting so you can appreciate what I'm referring to:

"I'm looking for someone to share the good and the not so good. Someone to share with, someone to call when something great happens. Someone of comparable IQ. Because frankly, aside from chemistry, intelligence is paramount. Oh and honesty. That's all...

I find that I'm able to achieve a more youthful look by using older pictures... 
Let me start by saying that I spend most of my time, just trying to look like my pictures! 
I'm originally from the Chicago area, but have been here in the valley for 40 years. It doesn't take much to make me happy. I'm relaxed and easy going, always seeing the brighter side of things. Maybe you can answer a question for me? Why is it that I keep making dates with Kate Hudson and winding up with Betty White? I'm looking for the last love of my life, someone who is cute, thin to average in weight and attractive to me. Honesty is paramount for my relationship. My favorite part of a woman's anatomy is her mind. I enjoy quick-witted, energetic exchanges with a bright woman. I believe in practicing the manners I was taught as a child in everyday living. I believe that women should have doors opened for them as well as their chair pulled out. It's all about respect. I'm in search of a partner in life, not just a date. I read and enjoy writing on occasion, nothing professional, just for personal satisfaction. I'm family oriented and would rather play with grandchildren than hang out in a bar. I retired about 8 years ago from a career in business and was a fairly well known Notary Public, having witnessed a lot of unusual things!I used to dance, but have recently been told I look like Elaine from Seinfeld, when I try. When I first signed up on this site, it asked me what body type I was. Aren't there really only 2 body types male and female??? 
It seems that the longer people are on this venue, the longer their profiles get. If you're into NASCAR, buy Gizmos off of TV for $19.95 plus shipping and handling, we probably are not a match. 
Personal Pet Peeve: People who dance on their way to the dance floor."

With that listed, I received an email from some woman and it was just plain rude. I'm currently 68 years old and with God willing I'll turn 69 this month. So the woman writes something to the effect that, what would Kate Hudson want with an old man like me? There were other insulting things, too. I tried to access their website to list the exact email,  but I'm blocked. So instead of arguing with her and telling her what I really thought, I went to a website that listed remedies for menopausal symptoms and sent them to her!

I then received another insulting email and she talked about how now I was insulting all women and humanity. I replied with a simple email that read, "Just P--- off"! That's all it took, she reported me to management and I was again ousted. This all happened in October and my membership was to expire the first of December and I wasn't going to rejoin. On the third of December, I received a notice from that my membership is being canceled AND that they have charged my credit card for another 6 months to the tune of $108.00. I went mini-ballistic! My first reaction was to contact them and explain how unjust this was, but in their email it said that they would not discuss their decision unless by subpoena of a court. So I contacted my credit card company and listened while some woman giggled while I told her the whole story. Today in the mail (and I lied about special courier), their decision came and they decided in my favor! Hooray!!! I won't be joining again!