Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Near Death Experience

It was about 8 PM as I watched the 45th episode of Mad Men on Netflix. I think it was this past Monday night. As I watch TV, the temperature outside is coming slowly down from a record matching 110 degrees and in spite of the AC set at a reasonable temperature, it tends to get warm quickly near the outside walls and windows. To remedy this heat, as everyone in AZ with tell you, we drink a lot of water. I get my water at Costco in 16.9 ounces bottles and use a cool cup to hold the bottles, thus the contents are pretty much invisible to me, while the water remains cooler, longer. I took a long swig from the bottle making a mental note that there is about one mouthful left. About 6 or 7 minutes later, I'm ready for that last swig and lift it to my lips to drain it. While doing so, I THINK I felt something solid touch my tongue, but immediately decide it was a crumb leftover from the chocolate muffin that I ate about 20 minutes earlier and ALMOST swallowed it, when I suddenly pictured the annoying fly that has been landing on the TV screen and walking all over it. That's when I flung myself forward from my reclining chair and spewed the mouthful of water back into the plastic bottle missing the bottle opening with about half of the water. I ripped the bottle out of the cool cup and there before my very eyes was the annoying fly almost drowned in my bottle! That's right, I ALMOST  swallowed the fly! Certainly that would have killed me, right? And I'm not even a frog!

New rule: Always replace the plastic cap when the bottle is not in use!