Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Search Continues...

It seems that finding a suitable mate is easier than finding a house to rent in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. My search began about a month ago and hasn't come close to an end yet. There are a thousand reasons why I haven't found my new home, but the bottom line is, I just haven't found one that was both suitable and affordable. My first Real Estate nuisance was Carolyn. Carolyn was a talker. Mouth, non-stop. I learned things about her husband that I not only didn't want to know, but was embarrassed to find out. Prior to our first meeting I was told by her that she was reluctant to meet alone with me, because I may murder and/or rape her. I told her I had a headache and just wasn't in the mood. Frankly, neither thing ever has occurred to me.Once I wanted to kill my first wife, but that was an entirely different situation. Moving along, she insisted on bringing her husband along, which was fine with me. The husband, a large quiet man, never made eye contact or ever said a word and I could tell he didn't want to be there any more than I wanted to be there. Just awkward. It was raining and she was about 30 minutes late, leaving me sitting in a parked car in the rain, checking my watch. when she finally arrived, she explained that she had left her lock-box key at another house and had to search for it. (note to self: Carolyn is a flake)

We viewed the house, while Carolyn picked it all apart. It was a 2 bedroom townhouse, with the living area over the 2 car garage. You walked in the door and were immediately struck a commercial looking staircase that went to the living quarters and it was right on a busy street, offering traffic noise 24 hours a day. I left, wet and disheartened. That was out first meeting. Then Carolyn disappeared for about 4 days, not a word, nor did she return my calls. I was about to impose on a friend in Chicago to find me a Realtor, when Carolyn finally called and told me she had some personal business to attend to, that kept her occupied for the first part of the week.

The next time I heard from her, she was again 30 minutes late and called me twice in that time to ask if I knew if 56th St. went through to Bell Rd. I said, yes. She hung up and then called back immediately and asked the same thing about 64th St. She arrived and informed me that she would have to buy gas, as she was on empty. I offered to do the driving. Evidently, I had passed the rape/murder test, because she hopped in. I drove us to the house we were to view and it was awful. Stained carpeting, ripped in some places and smelled from cat urine. We headed to the second house and it wasn't bad. I made an offer of $150 less a month than they were asking. Carolyn continued to pick the house apart, in spite of the fact that I was interested in it. She pointed out that the flooring was the cheapest you could find and the fridge had a rust spot on a screw in the freezer compartment.

After making the offer, Carolyn called me back to report that they would not accept my offer, point blank. I asked if she made an offer or did she have a conversation with the other agent? I never signed anything! She said, she made the offer. Carolyn then disappeared again for a full week. The following is an exchange of emails that took place between us, resulting in my terminating her.

You told me you did not want to pay $1,200 because of the tax of 2%, I see this rental of $1,300 also has the rental tax of 2%. I am not wanting to waste my time and yours if you are not willing to pay what they want. I have my mother coming into town have a ton of work to do...
I will get paid $200.00 at best after fees...I want to help you, but you need to decide soon!
You are aware that I didn't create the pay schedule that you are subject to. I stopped keeping track of the number of times you've told me how little you are making on me, but it is either 5 or 6 times now. (Once was too much) Also, I don't feel like I have to justify with you, why I make the decisions that I make. FYI, you've pointed out every flaw a house has (and there have only been 2 in addition to those townhouses on Bell), from smoking smells to cheap everything. I just didn't feel the house on Pontiac warranted a $1225 payment with it's rusted refrigerator and cheap flooring.
Moving forward, I don't feel that I can work with you any longer, you seem to be under too much stress.
Good luck with your mother.

I never heard from Carolyn again and that was a good thing. I called my friend in Chicago and she referred another Realtor to me. Another Chicagoan, that has been here 9 years and went into Real Estate after relocating here. He was formerly in the men's wear business, as was I. His name is even, Mel and he's my same age. We seem to get along well and I've already made an offer on the first house he showed me, but didn't get it. He's ambitious and calls me everyday. I made another offer today and we're supposed to see 2 more houses tomorrow. I feel confident that I'll find something soon.