Monday, March 4, 2013

Looks Like Mel was a DUD!

Unknown to me, my new Real Estate hero was anything but. He was a dud! After our 2 days together, he gave up and continued to answer my calls with, "Sorry, nothing new on the MLS, I'll keep you posted." I actually believed him that there were no new houses listed for rent for about 5 days, until the end of the month was about to happen and I was afraid I'd be tossed out into the street, so I mention to the lady that I reside with that it looks like I'll be here a little longer. She said she had a friend in Real Estate and she'd call her. Frankly, it went in one ear and out the other, because if after I exhausted all of my resources trying, how was she going to find someone, just like that? As she was walking out the front door, talking to someone on the phone, she yelled to me, "What part of town do you want to live in"? I yelled Scottsdale and about an hour later, a dozen houses appeared on my computer from this woman Michelle.

With my mouth wide open, all I could think of is that lying SOB, Mel. Evidently, he decided he didn't want to bother working with me as it wasn't going to be profitable for him and instead of telling me, he just tied me up for a week, wasting precious time. Did I mention that Real Estate people are among the lowest forms of life, (except Brenda)? I used to think it was car salesmen, but Real Estate people beat them hands down! 

Magically, Michelle was able to spend a couple of days, (about 3 hours total) with me and showed me about 6 houses and they were all nice. One, we couldn't view the first day as it was being carpeted with new beige carpeting. It was a 3 bedroom with a built-in bar in what could be an exercise room or study. A great room and it already had 2 refrigerators, in addition the 3 that I already have. With 5 refrigerators, I may not need air conditioning! It's located in an upscale part of Scottsdale just 4 blocks from the main freeway. After reviewing the three I'd seen on the previous day, one was already taken off the market, so I jumped all over the one with the new carpeting and I sign the lease for it tomorrow! It's about 1600 square feet and has a 2 car garage with built in cabinets, washer and dryer, desert landscaping and the only down side is a chip in the porcelain kitchen sink and no pets allowed. Time to call the movers!

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