Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Beginning of Something, but What?

For some time now, someone in my life has been telling me that I should have a blog. SO BE IT!

From this point on, instead of sending out emails to a select group of people, I'll just post to my blog and if the recipient wants to come here and read this stuff, well fine.

The thing that is most on my mind tonight is the dream that I had reoccur last night for several hours. I dreamed that I had sold the Volvo that I bought yesterday to a charming young family and today that dream came true.

At about 5 PM, my cell phone played a song indicating a call was coming in. I still can't get used to phones playing music instead of ringing, but I digress. It was a gentleman with an accent of sorts, calling about my advertised Volvo. Now I had just placed that ad yesterday and I had no idea it was already online. He certainly got my attention when he said he was calling about that car. He seemed anxious, as only a true buyer is, and asked if he could come right over to see it, as soon as his wife got off work. He was coming from Tempe and we joked about him bringing snacks for the long rush hour ride.

Shortly after 6, my cell phone indicated that I had a voicemail and it was his wife calling to say they were close. As I deleted the message they pulled up in front of the house alerting the dogs to their presence. I opened the garage and greeted them. A couple in their mid thirties and 2 small children (just like the people in my dream). As they approached I tried to decipher the accent that the gentleman had, but I had no luck. I introduced myself to the couple and asked them of their need for an automobile. Because there were 2 children, the parents went on 2 separate test drives, me going along on both of them. Two complete strangers came over and took me for 2 separate rides. I was kind of enjoying it. As we completed the second test drive, it was time to get serious and discuss the possibility of them taking the Volvo home with them as their new family member. I thought of taking the Volvo aside and asking it if it approved of the people, but I thought that might be stretching it a bit. I had already decided that the people were plenty worthy, now it was just a matter of funds. That's when the man told me that he wanted to make me an offer. I told him fine, as long as it's a GOOD offer. He assured me it was, but it wasn't! He offered me $4300 for a car that was clearly flawless and I was asking $5000 for. I used the Larry David look on him. I stared at real closely as if I were trying to look into his brain. It worked. He asked me what I was looking at. I told him I was looking into his soul to see if there was any more money in there. Then I told him that I got my answer and the answer was $4700! I told him that $4700 is the price I now have to have for the wagon and he can either accept that or look elsewhere. He told me that he needed to ask his wife. I had a feeling she was the brains of the outfit to begin with. After a 5 minutes discussion he came back to me saying they were going to get it. I congratulated them as he sent his wife off to the ATM for a few more dollars.. That's when I went over to the Volvo to tell her that the nice people wanted to adopt her. She was thrilled, she was going to a family with kids. I knew she'd be happy. This was a WIN, WIN, WIN situation. The Volvo went to a good home with children, the people got a great car and family member and I got a little extra money. My favorite kind of a story, everyones happy!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling the Volvo. But now you've totally ruined our Saturday Night Fun.