Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dinner with Friends

Saturday night we were delightfully surprised by the Van Dusens. We arrived at their Glendale home at about 7:30 and were immediately welcomed in by Darryl. I'd not seen their home and was pleasantly surprised to see it was spacious and well decorated. Three lovely children welcomed Julie and I as we were ushered inside. The house was immaculate and showed a loving touch. We could smell the aromas cooking as we entered and were quickly offered stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. Wine flowed freely, probably too freely as it turned out.

After a nice dinner we were escorted to the recreation room/living room for a friendly game of billiards where Julie and I kicked their asses in pool, but eventually just let them win as they were starting to complain too audibly. This is where the plot thickens......

After climbing into my car, Julie said to me that she was feeling a little woozy from the bottomless glass of wine that Darryl kept refilling. Then she started speaking in tongue and I just drove to my house in a kidnapping sort of motion. Several times she looked up and asked where she was and I naturally replied, "on the way home". (my home) Her pup was taken care of and I knew if we were going to spend any time alone, I needed to at least let my dogs out for the evening. As soon as we got to my house, Julie greeted the dogs and climbed the stairs to go to sleep with no further adeau. By the time I got upstairs, she was in bed and sleeping soundly, only to arise to ask for the 15th time, is Paws okay? I knew he was in for the night and let her sleep. We awoke at about 5 AM to Julie mentioning something about a dagger in her right eye, or a hangover or something. I got her some aspirin and we went back to sleep for about 2 more hours, when she jumped up and exclaimed, "I've GOT to get home"!!! She begged me for a car and even threatened to take a green cab home, but I calmed her down explaining that all was okay and I'd drive her after a cup of coffee. That's when she invited Zoie into the bed and everything went up for grabs. Zoie loves to cuddle. As the pot of coffee brewed, Julie asked 25 more times for me to drive her home. I poured a cup of coffee, brushed my teeth and dragged my bedhead to the Glendale location where evidently the wind had blown a lot worse than in Scottsdale. When we arrived there, there was debris in her driveway and her umbrella had uprooted itself and was ripped shreds in her pool. When we entered Paws was still asleep, but wasted no time in telling us how disappointed he was with us while pointing to his watch and tapping his foot. We were officially scolded.

That's when Jules announced that she was going back to bed and I joined her for 2 more hours. When we got up, she made me a hearty breakfast and begged me to leave. (The girl loves me)! I was ready for a nap by now and went home and slept for 2 more hours on the couch. I awakened and dozed away the rest of the day and watched TV all night, while speaking with Julie often as she nursed what she called a migraine, but I call a hangover. After a good night call, Julie is safely in her bed and looking forward to a day without a headache. God bless the Van Dusens!

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