Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, the 12th of January

I devoted today to taking care of a few things that I had lurking over my head. I was out of food for my beloved Bogie, which required visits to the pet supply store, as well as the grocery store. His diet of late is Science Diet, Macaroni and cheese, with a couple of table spoons of pumpkin pie filling for fiber. That, along with about 8 slices of white bread has been keeping him going for the past 4 or 5 months. Sadly, he cannot digest any fat and has lost an amazing 100 LB. It's always interesting watching the face of the check out girl, as she notes that I not only have 5 rather large cans of pumpkin pie filling, but at least 20 boxes of Macaroni and cheese with it. Last week they had white bread on sale for 10 for $10, so I took my fill. She finally had to ask what I did with all of this stuff and naturally I replied that I owned a Meth Lab. She acted like she understood and I left.

My next stop was the lab where they draw my blood. I literally HATE going there because of the inadequate personnel, along with the low class drug addicts that frequent that place. It is the place that the state has contracted to test the urine of drug offenders and trust me, there are a lot of them. I had the misfortune of seating myself next to a woman from another country that chose that moment to try to enter a new name in her cell phone and it chirped and played musical notes every couple of seconds or whenever she hit a key. In addition to that, her fragrance was au naturale' and I was just about gagging. I brought a book along with me to read, but couldn't concentrate long enough to read and absorb much. I finally gave up and noticed I had been sitting there an hour and 10 minutes, when my name was finally called. I went to the desk prepared to enter the inner sanctum of the office, but was stopped and told that "standing order" had expired 6 months earlier and they wouldn't be able to accommodate me today. As my blood pressure rose to a new high, my hat flew off my head and I thought I heard a train whistle, but it was just the blood boiling out of every orifice on my body! All I said was, that they might have checked that an hour and 10 minutes ago, when I arrived! As I turned to leave, I heard a series of "Yeah buts......... I'll have to work on that another day...

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