Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Chance Meeting???

With the loss of our best friend and confidant Bogie, Zoie and I have been a little off balance for the past 2 weeks or so. Although we knew it was coming, it's never easy to say goodbye to a loved one and one expression that best describes our feeling towards my "Baby Boy" was "loved one". Zoie has been suffering from depression of late and has been having a great deal of difficulty holding food down, while I suffered in my own way. For the past 2 days or so, Zoie has been feeling a little better and The Lovely Jules thought it was time for Zoie to get out into the world and start dating. Let's face it at almost 10, Zoie's not getting any younger. It was suggested that we introduce the Widow Zoie to Pawpaw, Julie's $5 dog, although we went to great measures not to let Zoie know he was only 5 bucks, as Zoie is a Scottsdale girl and image is everything to her. We also kept it from her that Pawpaw is a wonderful 16 years old and still very much the "Horn Dog"!

So as not to introduce Paws to Zoie on his turf, as dogs are very territorial, we struck upon a plan to have Zoie walking casually in front of Paws house, so he is under the impression that it was a chance meeting. I called and arranged for Julie to be walking Paws by their favorite portion of the golf course that he fertilizes nightly and Zoie and I would casually be walking by, minding our own business. One sniff and it was a HIT! Paws taking a liking to Zoie was an understatement, but Paws needs to brush up on his manners. After it was determined that Paws genuinely liked the smell, shape and gender of Zoie, we felt comfortable that there wasn't going to be a dog fight anytime soon. We were invited into their house and more importantly, into their yard, where Paws does all of his deep thinking. After Paws intentionally pushed Zoie into their pool, we dried her off and explained that Paws was only joking around, however Zoie thinks it was an attempt on her life. That's when Paws launched his attack of romance on Zoie, with moans and an ever gyrating pelvis that was going nowhere. Paws was star struck and forgot all of his manners. Here is a situation where Emily Post would have been helpful. Paws has known Zoie for a whopping 5 minutes by now and is launching the most direct attack of feelings and emotions in her direction ever known to K-9s anywhere. He's moaning and humping and biting on her neck and licking her everywhere. No flowers, dinner, movie, or even conversation, he was all about business! Julie got so concerned that she started holding Paws back and of course that made him try even harder. What we had here was a three ringed circus and Zoie was locked in the center ring!

Frankly, this is the first time I've ever played the opposite role. Usually it was me pursuing the female and for the first time, I am experiencing the opposite side of the coin and it's pretty uncomfortable. Here it is about 16 hour later and I just asked Zoie if she wants to go and see Pawpaw again and she went and hid under the bed! Well, maybe later.

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