Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Snow...

Snow Dog

Having been acquainted with Great Danes for about 35 years, I thought I'd experienced every physical insult available to mankind. Once in the middle of the night, I was fast asleep and was awakened to the feeling of something wet running down my arm. It turned out to be my own blood running freely. My little female wanted my attention because she was having a hard time getting to sleep, so she walked over to my side of the bed and clawed innocently at my arm that was hanging down in the dark, tearing it open for about 3 inches. That's to be expected if you have dogs the size of farm beasts. Bogie, my boy was about 300 LBS in his prime and Zoie a lithe 120.

Enter Macy, a $93 pound dog. Was supposed to be a mix between a Doberman and a Shepard, but she's too small for a Doberman and too small a head for a Shepard. In fact her head is a little too small for her body, which has caused me some concern. She kind of has the head of a Dachshund, really! We laugh about it, but it's really of no concern, she won't be embarrassing us anytime soon with puppies, she's spayed.

Each dog had a talent of their own. Bogie was the best catcher I'd ever seen. He could grab anything out of the air without a moments notice. Once he grabbed a baby bird that flew too close to Bogie and swallowed it right out of the air. Zoie was grace personified. She ran like a gazelle and could jump like a deer, with perfect conformation. Macy has the ability to change the season. Yes, you read that right. She changes the season. As you probably know, we're having a heat wave here in the valley of the sun and it's been unseasonably hot around these here parts, similar to other parts of the country. Macy realizing that, has changed the season to winter in the Alps. Above is a photo taken just after one of her miracles. Notice how small her head is? Below is a likeness taken after her miraculous transformations of season. She gives you August Snow!

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Anonymous said...

How long do you leave her alone? Separation anxiety maybe? Sorry. NMS