Monday, January 2, 2012

Stalker ~ Part Two

 When we left off, Adrienne had recontacted me and it turned out that she couldn't take a hint. She emailed me a 5 page letter that talked about all that went on back in the days when she was my girlfriend and how sorry she was about sleeping with my best friend. I never let her know she was set up, but was shocked to learn that my buddy Dave sold me out. I didn't feel nearly as bad about sleeping with his girlfriend when he didn't know about it either. (The good old days).

Eventually Adrienne left her husband and found true love with a retired Chicago police officer. He was a little guy about 5' 7 or 8" and I had checked him out with family members that were retired Chicago cops. I had a good reason to check this guy out and I'll explain why. Adrienne continued to email me jokes and things of interest. One of the things she sent me was a hate email concerning Jane Fonda and how she sold out our country during the Viet Nam war. I wrote her a reply that it was time to forgive and forget and please don't get all upset about something that was over 40+ years ago. Well, her "gung ho" boyfriend heard about my reply to her and unloaded on me that he wanted to come to AZ. and kill me. Just to piss him off more, I wrote him a note in reply saying that he should love everyone and just because he has threatened my life doesn't mean that I don't love him and want to still be his friend and when can we get together. His reply was worthy of a retired underworld thug. He knows people that would mess me up and I'll be sorry about the day I was born and so on. I decided to spread that joy and had a few friends plus my son writing to him to tell him they loved him too. Eventually, he begged me to eliminate him from my mailing list. I continued to include him in every holiday card that I sent out. Every Christmas, Easter, Labor Day and Memorial Day, I let him know I was thinking of him. It went on for about 3 years until Adrienne and her boyfriend were just memories and that is where I wanted them!

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