Sunday, July 8, 2012

AT&T, a Screaming Deal!

You can't hear me, but I'm hoarse tonight. Of course it's because I've been screaming and who, you ask, was I screaming at? AT&T of course, who else have I been complaining about non-stop for a month? Are you ready for why? Today, I received an email advising me that my bill was now available from AT&T. I opened it, as I do every time they send me one and as I was doing that, I began to think, I should really ask them for a free month, since I've had nothing but problems with them since I bought this iPhone. Just then, the email accepted my password and opened up and there in front of my face was a bill for not what I was quoted by the salesman/manager, but for a full $51 more. Instead of $90, it was for $141. 

Seething is the word that comes to mind this time! As I searched for my iPhone, I realized that just about the only people I ever call are the creeps at AT&T and although they seem concerned, nothing ever goes right. I make it through their menu and wind up with another of their robots, lets call her Latisha. Latisha asks what is the problem and I tell her that I've had a great deal of trouble since I've upgraded to the iPhone and now I wish I'd never have started with AT&T. She tells me that I had 30 days to back out of my contract and I tell her I tried and it's just not true, otherwise I wouldn't be calling her right this minute. Of course she argued with me, causing me to raise my voice and begin to scream. Finally I tell her that I'm calling because of the increased bill and she told me it was a one time charge that I was advised of, for upgrading. I tell her that I was NOT told of any other charges aside from the increased data package and she insisted I was told. I think that's when I began to scream at the top of my lungs. She began to scream back at me, a normal reaction I suspect, only she continued to drown me out and go off on a rant the likes of which I've never heard. I began to listen and think the whole thing was pretty funny and asked, "Latisha, why are you screaming at me?" After a pause, she said because they're vacuuming in her department and she was afraid I wouldn't be able to hear her. I burst out laughing and said, "Only at AT&T would they vacuum while a customer service rep is trying to explain to a disgruntled customer why he's being overcharged!" That made her laugh and she agreed to waive the upgrade charge which is bogus and some other trumped up charge and before I knew it, my bill was reduced from $141 to only $80.85 for everything. I'm a little hoarse but it saved me 60 bucks!

By the way, whatever the tech did the day before, after a 1 hour fiasco, must have worked. I made it all the way through the conversation with Latisha without dropping the call once. The tech said that something wasn't set up correctly, but she had to let me know through a voice mail, since she tried calling me twice, but my phone never rang.

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