Monday, July 28, 2014

What Kind of Butter Dish Do You Have???

As I approached the sign that read "Falling Prices", I knew I was in the right place. Wal-Mart. I had a list with me, one that required such a Big Box store. My list included a measuring cup, a plunger and a butter dish along with a few other incidentals. Naturally, I already owned all of these items, but couldn't find them after my last move. It was March of 2013. It seems that anything that my former roommate found desirable never made it onto the truck including all pots and pans and my beloved "plastic" butter dish.

As I approached the area that held the butter dishes a weak feeling overcame me as all I could see were glass ones. I kind of got that sinking feeling, like you do in an airplane that suddenly loses altitude. I immediately thought of something slippery like butter, being on something fragile like solid glass. With no other options, I bought it. An accident just waiting to happen.

Fast forward about 17 months. It's a weekday morning and I go through my usual morning routine. Go to the fridge, in the freezer are my hash browns, and sausage, then in the refrigerator section I grab the 2 eggs, the butter and a bagel and that's when I started fumbling! The first thing that hit the floor was the butter dish that splintered into 2000 shards of glass and glass powder. With the fridge still agape, I slid the other items onto a shelf and looked down to see my bleeding feet standing amid the shards of glass, barefoot, naturally! What to do entered my mind. Any step in any direction would mean more cuts on my feet. I was too far from a counter to hop up onto it and there I stood wondering how to escape this dilemma. Finally I slid my feet across the tile to the carpeting and dropped to my knees to avoid getting blood stains on the carpeting. I crawled to the bathroom where I washed the blood off of my feet to inspect my wounds. Hopped to the other bathroom to find a band aid to patch my foot and came back with the electric broom to suck up my shards. Still hungry and wearing flip flops, I successfully prepare breakfast. Whew!

Did you know that after trying 5 different stores, that no one carries anything but glass butter dishes? It's how the butter dish industry exists! So I bought a package of plastic butter stick shaped container to do the job. If I have a fancy dinner planned with guests and a butler, I'll have to apologize, but I cannot get myself to buy another treacherous glass one!

What kind of butter dish do you have at home?

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