Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Day of Good Will...

As the year closes out, this day was a rather unusual one for me. All I did was help people all day long. It started with an early morning call to the Lovely Jules, who answered her phone with her latest of 345 symptoms of her cold that has now lasted longer than most of her suitors. I, for some reason have persevered. This current cold or pneumonia, as she refers to it, has now been with her for about a month. It renders her snotty, congested and generally miserable, with an intermittent sore throat that compares to swallowing broken glass. I know because I caught the sore throat part today, after spending an afternoon with her yesterday. Our day was cut short by a phone call from a lady that was very persistent about seeing one of my cars, right then and there. So I rushed home, washed the car in question, wiped it off in this 50 degree weather and backed it out of the drive just as the young lady and her friend pulled up. As she pulled up in front of my house, she removed her cell phone from her purse, while still looking at me and called me on my cell phone to tell me she was here. Duh!!! She got out of the Explorer that she had driven up in and I immediately asked her how old she was and she replied 16, making her too young to buy a car from me. All for naught. She and her 16 year old boyfriend loved my car, but couldn't buy it because they didn't have either any money or the ability to sign a contract purchase order. To me this was just a practice sale. With a promise to come back with someone old enough to actually buy a car, she exited. Tired and dejected, I put my car back in the drive and went into the house to feed my dogs.

I don't recall LJ spitting any of her broken glass down my throat, but when I awakened today, it surely was there. Oh Gawd! So, I've got the runny nose and the sore throat, waiting for the congestion that goes along with it. I spent the day nursing my poor sick Bogie back to health, at least enough to get some food into him, but I was only partially successful. I'd guess that he kept about half of it down. I guess it's a testimonial to my cooking that he's rejecting. About 7 PM I called LJ to see if she was feeling any better and she wasn't. I asked her what her plan for survival was and it turned out that she indeed had one. Still refusing to go to a doctor, she informed me that the last time she had Pneumonia, she took Musilex and it worked on her to loosen up the congestion and gave her some immediate relief. I told her I'd go to the drug store and get her some and deliver it so she doesn't have to get out of bed. As I hung up she yelled into the phone to get her some chicken soup too. Where am I gonna find chicken soup in a drug store, I yelled? CVS she replied, she was right.

As I pulled out of my driveway and drove about a block away, I realized the neighbor across the street's son left his little bike in their driveway and I thought surely it wouldn't make it until morning, so I turned around and put the little 2 wheeler into my garage and continued on my quest. After realizing that Musilex cost about as much as a house payment, I found the chicken soup and tried to pay. My first question was, do you have a CVS card? No, I answered. Do you know what one is? No, I answered. Do you want one? No, I answered seeming at least anti-social. Frankly, this was my first time at CVS, I'm a Walgreens guy!

Arriving at LJ's house, I let myself in and found her hugging her pillow in her bedroom looking just awful. She was the picture of ill. Pawpaw was in her bed to keep her warm and she was watching some X-rated TV program. She was initially happy to see me, but that was over within minutes and she started her usual screaming at me to display her misery. I didn't seem to last long. She took her pill, was settling in and I could see it was time to leave. I told her about my experience of putting the little bike in my garage and she asked me why I didn't just put it on their front porch? I never thought of that. I drove myself home and when I arrived, I took the little bike out of my garage and put it on the neighbor's porch. Humph, why didn't I think of that? Maybe tomorrow will be better, It's NEW YEAR'S EVE!


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