Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Good Old Dog Story...

Contrary to common belief, I think everyone likes a good dog story and that's just what I have for you this morning.

Ever since I started watching everything that Bogie eats, like a scientist working on a delicate formula, he's been miraculously well. I keep my fingers crossed as I write that, which as you can imagine makes it very difficult to type, so bare with me. With the exception of some "whack job" guest giving Bogie banana nut bread on Thanksgiving night, under the pretense of feeding it to the birds and he just "got it", Bogie has been on a strict diet, that by the way is very unpopular with him, but he's lost at least 50 or 60 pounds..

When Bogie has to go out at night, he comes to me and wakes me up. He does this by nudging me with his big head and I jump into action, as I never know exactly how much time I have before the inevitable takes place. This morning I was awakened by Zoie laying her wet mouth on me and I thought it was Bogie because it was dark and the fact that Zoie never wakes me up until at least sunrise. Realizing it was Zoie, who I never give enough credit to, I once again jumped into action, both from habit and the fact that she must have an emergency to awaken me in the middle of the night. Running with her to the back door, turning on lights as I go, hoping I make it in time, Zoie turns left and hops up on her couch and that's when I saw Bogie standing at the backdoor, waiting for me to let him out!

Evidently he tried to awaken me unsuccessfully and didn't know what to do. Zoie said to him, I'll give it a try, you wait here and she was successful. How cool was this interaction between two soul mates, Bogie and Zoie?


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