Friday, December 5, 2008

Another Day of Retirement...

In the absence of real work, the Lovely Jules has accepted a position as a Mystery Shopper, inspecting the quality or lack of it, in the Arby's chain. In my humble opinion, the entire chain should have gone away years ago. They don't offer a sandwich that is flavorful or even acceptable and they are extremely overpriced, employing below average employees and otherwise insulting the public with choices like Pepsi over Coke!

The requirements that we maintained today was to first order inside the restaurant, then wait 10 minutes and order from their drive thru and the kicker was that we had to order the same sandwich both times. We were to ingest their Chicken Cordon Bleu. Ugh! It was a deep friend chicken piece, covered with a Canadian Bacon or ham of some sort and a piece of supposedly Swiss cheese, but it tasted like some kind of Jack-Crap. The mandatory selection of potato was the curly fry. Double ugh! So I got to eat first, then we went to Mervyn's to be insulted by their alleged going out of business sale, where they clearly brought in low grade merchandise, marked it up waaay high and then gave us a whopping 50 % off. How is it that a store is going out of business and has full selections of shirt styles in every color and every size stacked neatly? Why is it that there was not a pair of Levis in stock, but every size of Jean's West imaginable, in every color and every style? Hmm....

Now it was time to go to Arby's again to get Julie's lunch. She enjoyed the chicken cordon bleu with curly fries and a diet Pepsi, surprised? The employee of the month was a 17 year old lad that apparently ate too many curly fries and wore his pants so low that his shirt was stuck in the crack of his ass. Not a good look for him. The floor show started when a gay couple decided that Arby's would be the perfect stage to accuse one another of cheating. The young man that seemed to be the victim here was insulted loudly and defended himself with tears of sorrow and misery. Next week we're coming back for West Side Story!

The highlight of the day was when we went for gas and Jules offered me her Safeway Discount card and they took an amazing 30 cents a gallon off my gas. I paid $1.49 and it came to $11 for a fill up, whippeeee!

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