Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Starting...

The day started out with an early morning call from my insurance man, telling me he's running late and he'll be at my house in 30 minutes! My response was a long and very audible' "Ohhhh Shit". I completely forgot he was to be here at 9 AM and it was already 9:15 and I was still scratching out the night's itches off my butt. Not a pretty mental image, I'm sure. I had just enough time to jump into the shower and greet him with wet hair. We did our business, which was to deliver my dealer bond, get paid and leave. After, I went on clean up detail. We had some serious winds going on last night and a large portion of one of my palm trees was distributed throughout my yard. After completing that task, it was time for a well deserved nap. I rearranged some furniture, trying to make the family room more people friendly and laid down for a quick snooze, only to immediately be awakened by the ringing of my phone. It was a call from Peoria Kia, wanting a bid on a car. Jeez, I thought I was retired! They had a 2003 Toyota Echo with only 49,000 miles, so I gave them a strong bid and wound up making the deal for them. I can pick up my Toyota tomorrow some time.

The reason for my writing this tonight is that I completely forgot that portion of my day. It was only just now that I looked at my cell phone caller ID that recalled anything of the transaction. Alzheimer's begins at 63! Tonight I got a call from a lady that tells me that we've corresponded before, but I just seemed to fade away. I have no recollection of that either. Last night some friends took my out to celebrate my birthday. I found out when I awakened this morning and found the pizza in my fridge. I can see there's going to be a whole new way of remembering things now. I got invited to go someplace tomorrow. I wonder where it's going to be?

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