Wednesday, March 25, 2009

STOP THIEF!!!.... no nevermind, take it...

I was on my way out to the garage this morning, contemplating cleaning up my Expedition for my coffee date tonight, when I caught the TV thief right in the act! As you know, if you read yesterday's post, that I was trying to give my old TV away. Now picture this. Here stands a large guy. I'm guessing 6' 2" and about 220 LB dressed in all black except for his white hat that cocked to one side. He's wearing a black T-shirt with a Harley Davidson emblem and black shorts that come to way below his knees and his ass is sticking out about 5 inches. Two pierced ears and tattoo covered arms. He was now back-stepping and saying, "that signs right, ain't it?" He was pointing to my sign that read, "FREE and it WORKS". I told him to relax and go ahead and continue taking it, but he's probably going to need some help from his buddies. Here's my tattooed friend trying to put this monster 61" console TV into the hatch of his black Scion 2 dr.. He reached into the car and turned off his rap music and said, "What"? Once again I told him he was fine taking it, but he was going to need some help and I couldn't provide it. He was very polite and asked if he could remain here guarding it and make some calls. I said sure, as I went about my business.

I'd say about 30 minutes went by, while my guarded TV just sat there. Suddenly a Dodge extra cab pulled up and a guy that could have been my guy's brother showed up. Now they both tried to move it and decided to wait for more help. Next was the Safelite Windshild van that pulled up and now there were 4. They chatted and punched each other in the shoulder and I knew from experience that some serious male bonding was taking place. Finally, last but not least came Baby-Face. A Ford diesel Super Cab pulled up and a kid that looked to be about 9 years old climbed out, only he was fed some pretty good food in his 9 years, as he was about 6' 6" and 400 LB. Bring on the muscle. To say that it looked almost too easy would be an understatement. The 5 of them lifted my huge TV up and into the pickup and quickly dispersed.

A tear gathered in my eye as I remembered the many hours the TV and I spent together, just the 2 of us, but I quickly got over it and waved goodbye to the oversized monster.

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