Monday, December 7, 2009

After Bowlin'...

Bowlin' was fun, but in it's aftermath, I am suffering from a stretched Achilles tendon, pulled groin muscle, lower lumbar aches, traditional sore thumb and a broken thumb nail. Everything has a price and at this age, bowlin' is an easy evening. Usually I'm injured worse than this.
Saturday night took us to Fountain Hills to MJ's annual Christmas party with members form her Hospice team. There were about 35 people in attendance and that included what sounded like and seemed like, 350 kids. The party was a family affair and everyone brought their children and they were literally all ages. I didn't bring mine, mainly because they're 36 and 40! MJ left her 32 year old at home alone.
I tried to mingle as much as possible with total strangers and because of my open personality, I was able to bond a little with a few guys that seemed as out of place as me. All in all, it wasn't too painful and will be redone this Thursday and Saturday again! Merry Christmas...
Saturday morning found me again with MJ to help her go up in her attic and get down the Christmas decorations. Little did I know she almost invented Christmas and her attic was aligned with Christmas treasures from one end to the other. The good new is that MJ had a ladder attached to the crawl space and all it took was pulling down the trap door to expose it. Then, just a mere 45 trips up and down the ladder delivered the Christmas decorations to the garage floor. With my triple bypass being tested, MJ was literally throwing things down the ladder at me to catch. Things that weighed about 40 LB came crashing through that attic opening and thank god MJ can't hear them crashing to the garage floor. As I laid there bent over MJ's car, gasping for air, I could hear MJ screaming from the attic, where are you??? At one point my shoulder dislocated itself, an old Viet Nam injury, but MJ just yelled, to suck it up!
After organizing everything, MJ was busy opening boxes of lights and little Christmas trees and saying that Stan must have screwed up everything, because it was all out of order and not the way it was supposed to be. Stan was her ex-boyfriend. Next year she'll be telling some guy named Joe that Mel screwed up everything and nothing is where it belongs and such is life....
Practically starving and suffering from open wounds, we headed to the Arcadia Tavern for an emergency meatloaf lunch and watched a little football. The place was so crowded and the crowd so thick, you'd have thought we were at the stadium whenever someone scored.
We headed for MJ's house again to finish up and I noticed that MJ kept taking side trips into the far bushes and I suspect the reason was GAS! That's when I decided it was time for me to go home to shower, but promised to return to help her put up the tree. I returned about 90 minutes later including drive time and MJ had already gotten everything in working order, set up on timers and was showered. We put up the tree and watched the Cards whip the Vikings and crashed quickly. MJ woke me up in what seemed to be a panic, to inform me that I still snore. I tell her that she's not the first person to tell me that, rolled over in the other direction and return to snoring pleasantly and dreaming of putting all off that Christmas crap back up in the attic.

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