Monday, December 28, 2009

Losing a Crown/ Mac n Tuna Recipe...

So it appears that I'm in a writing mood tonight. That doesn't guarantee anything good is gonna come out, but here I am anyway.
One of my stocking stuffers was a big Tootsie Roll with about 25 little Tootsie Rolls inside. When I received it, I laughed knowing I'd eat every last one. Now the last time I had Carmel, the Carmel lasted about 3 chews when suddenly it yanked my crown off, leaving me toothless on the lower right side. With that in mind, I approached the Tootsie Rolls rather cautiously. I think I actually made it to my 3rd Tootsie Roll before I noticed something rather sharp and hard inside of my chewy morsel. Guess what, it was none other than my new replaced crown floating around my mouth. That's right, I did it again! I should really have never given up drinking, I never lost a crown swallowing a shot full of V.O. Oh, the things we do for sugar.
Up until right now, it's mostly the women that write recipes, but tonight I invented a new creation. I had a taste for Tuna Casserole, but didn't have any mushroom soup or peas, so I called MJ and asked her what she thought of putting a can of tuna in a batch of Mac n Cheese. Her reaction was not a positive one. She suggested putting the tuna in with the noodles, but to leave the cheese part out of it. My question was, what will make it stick together? She agreed that it wouldn't really stick together without an adhesive. I suggested Mayonnaise and she nixed that pretty quickly, I agreed.
After hanging up with her, I decided that the cost of a package of Mac n Cheese and the minor expense of a can of tuna could be afforded if it were horrible and I could just throw the whole mess away and not lose my social standing in the community. Here is my conclusion:
It was far better than a package of plain Mac n Cheese, but not near as good as a pizza! You decide!

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