Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Need................"3 ON YOUR SIDE"!!!

It's over 4 months since Dr. Lloyd drilled out my first tooth and a week later he did a root canal on a tooth that already had one years ago. He told me the first dentist missed the entire root and he was the dentist of my dreams. Only HE knew how to do the work properly and he had told me that he required $3500 to get my ailing mouth into shape. I found Dr. Lloyd by a referral from a friend, but never did the homework on him that would have advised me to run like hell! After checking with the AZ. Board of Dentistry, discovered that Dr. Lloyd had been reprimanded for everthing but abusing monkeys! It includes violations for dispensing pain killers in volume, doing work where no work was needed, double billing insurance companies and was required to enroll in Alcohol and Cocaine recovery programs, and he is a sexual addict to boot! If I had looked for a worse dentist, it would be hard to beat his record.

After Dr. Lloyd stopped answering my calls and that was almost as soon as I paid him, I was in pain and abandoned. When he did call me back, he was of no help. He prescribed Z-packs over and over again and my stomach was paying the price for this over-dose of antibiotics. Then he went back into the silent zone, where I'd call and get no response or reply. The last call of several said to call me back by noon that same day or I would go another route. Nothing!

Eventually, not knowing what else to do, I contacted a new dentist. I was not ready for his findings. Did you ever have someone give you bad news that they knew you weren't going to be happy to hear? They tend to prepare you for it. He had me sitting down, naturally. Then we talked about his career and how he got to this position in life. It was a great story until he told me that I had been medically abused by my previous dentist. He showed me where Dr. Lloyd drilled right through my roots into my jaw and then filled my jaw with dental filler. Not in one tooth, but all three that he had addressed. My new dentist used words like "medical malpractice and legal assistance". You NEVER heard doctors talk that way about one another. He also said he was willing to put it all in a letter and did. To remedy this situation, since I don't have enough bone to support crowns that Dr. Lloyd had sold me, but to remove the teeth in question and get plates or bridges. In other words, I have to have 4 teeth pulled out! Those teeth would be my molars that I need to chew.

My first plan of attack was to contact Chase Bank where I charged the $3500 and put the amount in dispute. That was over 30 days ago, but have not heard a word back yet. Then, I contacted the AZ Board of Dentistry and filed a complaint. Their first letter back, told me it would possibly take over a year, did I still want to go through with it? YES!

I've not heard a word from Dr Lloyd or the girl that worked for him to schedule an appointment. She has to part of his conspiracy, since when I call she doesn't answer the phone. Today, four months and 6 days since he first attacked my mouth and stole my money (or Chase Bank's) I got a text message that my crowns were finally in and to call for an appointment. I did nothing. My thoughts are, that he's by now been contacted by the bank and the Board of Dentistry and figured he'd better make an attempt at getting out of this. So he actually ordered the crowns in question. The problem is, I know he's a crook and a thief and that my jaw will not allow me to support crowns. I've had this confirmed, by the way, by yet a third reputable dentist. Just now and what motivated this post, was the phone call from his assistance Sabrina to call for my appointment. I didn't answer. Time to reverse the roles.

The Lovely Jules suggested I contact 3 On Your Side. I was almost going to do it, after all, she's my Costco wife!

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