Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Day at the Zoo....

Lil Squirt
I drove home and stayed up late watching old movies after cleaning up a record breaking Great Dane explosion and finally went to bed around 3 AM. The mess that Bogie had accidentally done was a good 90 minutes alone. As he lives out his later life, he tends to lose control and last night he managed to hit the floor in two places, the scale on the floor that Randi left here, the wall, the throw rug by the back door and the back of the sofa. That's a lot of work for one dog.

Jules called around 11 AM after doing some personal things around the house to perfect her identity. We have been threatening to go to the Zoo for about 6 months and we never have the time or the weather or the kids to do that with. I've offered to rent us some kids, just for the event but she always says no. Today, we finally made it to the zoo. It was the Fort McDowell Casino and Zoo.

Neither of us had been to the casinos since the 90's and were looking forward to a smoke free environment. That was NOT the case. I guess because it's the Indian Reservation, they don't have to abide by state rules and as usual, it was a smoke filled asylum. The smoke hits you the moment you open the door, like walking into a smoke filled sauna. I think we started at the monkey house because as we walked in there were monkeys siting in chairs with markers in their hands and there was someone calling out letters and numbers, B-7 and someone yelled BINGO!

Holding our breaths and walking as fast as we could, we left the monkey house and saw a refreshment place. We were both kind of hungry and decided it would be a good place to regroup. We walked into the place and the nice lady asked how many. I said, just 2 and she replied $42.50.................huh??? We were looking for a taco, not a complete dinner. I guess we were at the "all you can eat" restaurant and that was NOT what we wanted. She directed us to the sit down place a few hundred yards away that featured Italian Cuisine, not what we wanted again, but were able to find a soup and sandwich selection that did the trick. I excused myself to the restroom and encountered one of those sinks that you cannot turn on, but you're supposed to move your hands under the faucet to get it to run. I stood there rubbing my hands together for quite some time before the gentleman next to me mentioned that the one at the end works. Embarrassed and still rubbing my hands together, I moved to the last sink.

After dining, we went to the pachyderm section, from the looks of some of the people and Julie tried her luck at the ATM machine, but couldn't seem to win! It wanted to charge her $15 to get any dough out at all! We got in line at a cashier that was able to explain through her more than heavy accent that something was wrong, HELLOOOOOOO! I had some cash, but Julie was the LAST person in the world that I wanted to give it to, that woman is CRAZY! She talked me out of $100 and the gambling began. Although Julie lasted longer than me, we both left there with our pockets inside out, with our heads down and feeling dejected. Having had enough of the zoo, we headed to beautiful Fountain Hills to suck up some of the wonderful landscape and photograph the fountain. It turned out to be a longer ride than I had figured and when we finally got there it was just before 4 PM and they were having some sort of a benefit for homeless puppies, although we never saw a dog. They did have 2 horses left, but we couldn't fit them into the Toyota, so we waited for fountain to do it's thing. We walked along the park area for a time and asked a lady that was sitting alone on a park bench if we could sit there, not wanting to invade her space. She said yes, burst into tears and walked away. I guess it was just that kind of a day!
A kind passerby told us that the fountain went off on the hour and it was 11 minutes until then. Julie got ready with her camera and was sitting at the water's edge in anticipation of the burst of water. Right on the hour it went off, but it only lasted about 5 seconds and I could pee more than it squirted! We drove all that way and waited and intruded and poof, nothing! We headed home. It was one thing to lose at gambling, but how could we lose at the fountain too???...........and what was with that woman crying???


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