Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yet Another Day at the Zoo...

Saturday morning presented St. Jules arriving at my house 20 minutes early and short on patience. She was questioning why I wasn't ready. Although I sensed she was teasing, I also noted shortness to her, that she either wasn't feeling too well, or was just plain frazzled. It could be the dreaded PMS, but I've learned from experience NEVER to mention that. We went shopping for the party next weekend for both Julie and her granddaughter, Emma. They share the same birthday of 5/3, along with my son Brad. Emma will be 3 and Julie will be older, somewhere around 50 or 60!

After shopping and it was already 12:30, Julie dropped me off like a fat chick on a blind date. Frankly I didn't mind, as I wasn't feeling too hot either. I called her around 7:30 and she invited me over to watch SNL, one of my favorite shows. I laughed and Julie snored. If she ever stops long enough, she quickly falls asleep. I let myself out as Julie rambled about how beauty products don't have numbers. I agreed and left.

Come Sunday morning, I called around 9 AM and awakened St. Jules for the second time of the day. She got up early and watch church on TV and drifted back off. She decided that I should come up with something fun for us to do. I suggested the zoo again, I always do and she hammered that one down right away, saying it was too hot today. Then I suggested miniature golf and she told me about her headache and sinus problems and didn't want to be outside today. I told her the miniature golf place was indoors and she agreed to it for about 20 minutes when she called and said she wanted to go to the movies. I agreed and she was coming over to my house to pick me up. Then I realized how selfish it was to make her drive with a headache and told her I'd go to her house. That settled, I showered and took off for the Lovely Jules' home, a mere 20 minutes away.

I arrived and Julie took me on a tour of her garden, showing me all of the growth for this early in the season. Pawpaw crawled out of bed to say hello, then quickly returned to his closet. He lives in a closet in the master bedroom, explaining Julie's doggy odor! We took off for Arrowhead Mall to see the movie, but were sidetracked by a lunch break. We went to Miracle Mile, a cafeteria type place that serves New York style Jewish food, featuring corned beef sandwiches on the good rye bread, I was in heaven until I saw people of Hispanic background ordering corned beef on white toast with ketchup, yuck! We watched a young man eating outside all alone, wearing all black, sporting a beard and eating in marathon style. He was smiling and laughing and all alone eating with a passion. It made for good entertainment. That's when we realized we would have more fun people watching. We cancelled our plans of going to the movies and hit the department stores for entertainment only. We had a great time at everyone elses expense, completely laughing our asses off. My apologies to anyone that we offended. But really folks, if you're fat and 17, don't wear the low rise pants with a short top, okay?


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