Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Dating Guy... Another One Bites the Dust

After going through the routine of writing and getting a rapport going and talking endless hours on the telephone, I thought I had a little something going with the above pictured lady, but alas not. Here's how it fell apart.

There is a free dating service that in spite of it's price or lack of one, attracts a few attractive women. I must say that I'm pretty impressed with it for quality of appearance, but at the same time, very few of the women are college educated. Just one man's observation. One of the hotter ladies on this website contacted me and explained that she doesn't like to email, but offered her home phone number, something uncommon. Usually, if a phone number is offered, it's a cell number that a man cannot attach to an address, if only for the woman's safety and I understand it.

I called Betsy and we chatted. My first clue of backwardness was a lack of a cell phone in this year of 2009. She didn't own a cell phone and didn't see why she should. OMG! What about the car breaking down at night on a lonely stretch of I-17? The next thing I noticed about Betsy was her George W. Bush, Texas accent and her ability to stumble on words and and the sing-song way she spoke. Then when we met on our interview date, she was a little overweight and showed me her bulging stomach by grabbing it with both hands and holding her belly out for me to see. THAT was a turn off. The hair. It wasn't until after our date that I realized there was something about her hair that didn't appeal to me and it was the 1970's hairstyle. It was piled up on top of her head and it wasn't clean. It had that wash me once a week look and was caked on with hairspray.

I actually thought I could get past all of that if she were a sweet nice person and the jury was still out on that. On our first date, I walked her to her car and she gave me a hug and told me that she'd like to see me again. I agreed that it might be a good idea and drove off. The following night I had to force myself to call her and did. We chatted for a time and she told me she just came from taking her little dog for a long walk and that her neighborhood was all "Cloversacks" and she and Skippy walked down each and every one of those Cloversacks" and they were damned tired. Readers, she said it 3 or 4 different times and she said Cloversacks, I was certain of it. She was trying to use the word Cul-de-sac and abused it to the point where I knew I couldn't go on. I'm no genius. My two years of high school were a waste on me, but since then, I've acquired a real respect for the English language and it's grammar that goes along with it. Listening to her abuse it and butcher it was a true travesty and I knew at that moment that I couldn't have her in my life. Sadly, Betsy and I won't be seeing or even worse, listening to each other again. Between Cloversacks and her use of double negatives in every fourth or fifth paragraph, I just couldn't go on.

Suddenly our conversation went dead and I was reduced to a dial tone. I called her back, but the call went straight to her answering machine. A few minutes late I got an email from her saying that her battery went dead and the other phone died a few days ago and she never charged it. TERMINAL!

Back to the dating website to try to cut another one out of the herd...

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