Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Owe-n-owe Raps...

Dippy, who shall from this point on be known as Linda, expressed a need for a name change due to the message that comes along with the moniker, Dippy... More than one person asked why I call her Dippy and since I have a hard time even spelling Serendipitious, which was her screen name when I met her, I've simply decided to go with "Linda". (That and the punches in the shoulder everytime I call her Dippy).

That said, let's move on to last night's entertainment. Linda's son, who I think should be called Owe-n-owe, does a little "rapping". I've decided on the name Owe-n-owe in honor of the infamous Eminem, also a popular "rapper". Owe-n-owe writes and performs rap music and frankly I'm impressed. Rap music is nothing more than poetry set to music and this 22 year old kid is good! He writes the poetry and performs it at a local Tempe (ASU) bar on their open "mike" night and we went last night and watched him and he was just great. I never knew I liked rap music until I saw Owe-n-owe perform.

While I am both new and experienced in the bar scene, I marvelled at the differences in the Boat House, where we were to any other bars I had frequented. We went with Linda's 30 year old daughter and her 22 year old son and were prepared to meet Owe-n-owe's new girlfriend Lindsey there, along with her entourage of girlfriends, all about 22 years old. Eric, one of Owe-n-owe's friends joined us later. Here's the thing that amazes me. They all smoke, every one of them. Even with the way society and medicine looks at smoking, this is a diehard group that will quit when they are a little older, hopefully. The group ordered a "bucket". Having no idea what a bucket was, I casually ordered my diet coke, as our 21 year old waitress checked IDs. Linda and I commented that we had forgotten ours and would it be okay? Our cute little waitress wasn't amused and we changed the subject. About 3 minutes later, she reappeared with a bucket containing a six-pack of bottled beer in ice. Thus, a "bucket".

As I sipped my diet Coke, our innocent waitress casually walked over to me, put her hand on my knee and whispering in my ear, asked if I weren't drinking an alcoholic beverage because I didn't have any ID?. I pulled away just busting inside with my accumulated 63 years and replied, "no, I'm not ordering an alcoholic beverage because I'm an "alcoholic"! Our cute innocent waitress trotted away with an earful. I think that's when Linda peed her pants a little and we both went to our respective restrooms, where somethings just don't change. The men's room looked like every college bar restroom I'd ever seen. "DISGUSTING"!

That's when Owe-n-owe went on stage and did his thing with a guitar and saxophone for background. He was REALLY GOOD... We left.

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