Friday, September 18, 2009

Whoa is Me...

I've been told by several people that I haven't posted anything for awhile and to them I reply, huh? After my last innocent post, I lost the desire to write for a time, as a direct result of some bad comments, but I'm past all of that now. To anyone who doesn't like my attempts to explain my life, I once again reply, huh?
Bad news. I got notice in the mail today that I would be without health insurance from this point on. Here's what happened.
In 2005, I suffered at the hands of a renegade doctor that was over paid, but under rested, a wound to the descending artery of my heart, rendering me almost dead and unemployed. It is my unemployed status that concerns me today. Although I don't work, as a result of the economy, but mostly because of my disability, I do maintain my dealer's license, so on paper I am eligible for the state subsidized health insurance. Last year I was asked to supply tax returns to the insurance company showing a minimum income of $20,000 per year. I explained that I could not do that, as I'm actually retired. Almost whispering, that agent told me that they are understaffed and only one out of twenty members get audited and my chances off remaining insured are really pretty good. By the way, this insurance was less than adequate, but made me feel covered for $482 per month. A few months later, with no advance warning, said insurance went up to a whopping $788 per month for the same coverage. I called and asked questions, but never the less, it remained my new monthly premium. Choking from overpaying and being under covered, I pressed on. Today, I got my renewal form for next year and in order to apply this year, they are requiring copies of my tax returns for 2006 forward, along with copies of my state sales monthly tax returns, showing activity. Obviously, I cannot produce those documents, and as a result........................ no insurance! Ain't life grand..
My life is about to change in a drastic way. Why, you ask? The new Costco, that is near my house, is opening today. That means I can actually get to Costco within 5 minutes, instead of driving 12 minutes to the old one. Yep, things are buzzing around here.
Now you can see why I haven't posted anything in awhile. Nothing seems to be happening!


Anonymous said...

Your posts are great, keep writing.

Things I Left Behind said...

Thank you Deb...


Anonymous said...

I really don't try to be anonymous,
I'm just too lazy to sign in most of the time. But your posts are great.
Don't let any negative comments sway you for Heaven's sake. It's about you saying how you feel. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read it. And THERE you GO!!!!! Deb
By the way, you are a good little detective, eh? Is it the Springfield, MO address that gave me away? I live in Indiana. It used to say Marion Kentucky. Odd.