Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Day at the Fair...

I just checked and sure enough, I'm about 1/2 inch shorter as a result of walking off genuine height at the Fountain Hills Arts and Crafts Show. Again with the same 3 generations of females, I trudged faithfully along behind MJ, her granddaughter Angela and her DIL Latisha.
Naturally my first stop was the restroom, but it was a long ride up to Fountain Hills and I'd mistakenly taken a Lasiks........big error. Immediately after that it was time for junk food or as MJ put it, Kettle Cake loaded with powdered sugar and cinnamon. When the lady looked at me, I said the famous line from Harry Met Sally, "I'll have whatever she's having"... We sat and ate while Angela devoured Chicken-kabob of barbecued chicken and Latisha had a plateful of Chinese favorites, rice, noodles and egg rolls. Latisha is a little girl, but can put away food like an army! If you get too close to her, you can hear her metabolism working away. Oh, to be 25 again.
Next was a visit to the fudge packer, a gentleman that was an expert at slicing off fudge at precisely a quarter pound and packing it into wax paper and a plain white paper bag, so no one has to know of your indiscretion. He nailed us for about a 1/2 LB sampling. MJ choosing pumpkin and Latisha going for the chocolate peanut butter. Fortunately they were willing to share of lose their teeth to sugar erosion on the spot!
If you asked my feet, they would simply describe the walk as about 200 miles, but I'm certain it wasn't over 100 frankly. We were cruising along with Angela in her stroller when we came upon a woman that was on the ground with a couple of people around her, clearly very concerned. It appeared that the woman had suffered a seizure and I pointed her out to MJ who was otherwise occupied. Without a moment's hesitation, she handed me her fudge, lemonade, Italian ice and went immediately to work as a nurse, pretty much saving this poor woman's life. She took charge, rolling the seizure victim onto her size opening her airways and loosening any restrictive clothing. She was assisted by a firefighter and an EMT, but was definitely in charge until an emergency vehicle arrived to cart off the poor woman, whose mother was present telling everyone her daughter was 17 weeks pregnant.. I was pretty impressed with MJ, who was cool as a cucumber through everything. After this unexpected event took place, MJ came right back complaining that her Italian Ice was melting... She smiled exposing an orange tongue, indicating she'd already had enough.. In fact she may have been on a sugar high!
After that, we walked another 50 or 60 miles and headed back to civilization. Everyone was pretty quiet on the ride home and I was able to mark Kettle Cake with powdered sugar and cinnamon off my "Bucket List"...

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