Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today's Realtor informed me that my lovely home has been on the market 68 days, but she doesn't know about renegade Realtor that had it for 30 more days.
Last night found me driving my red Corvette to MJ's house to take her to dinner. As I was leaving my house, I looked in the mirror and saw "Boring Mel" dressed boring, feeling boring, about to get into a boring Toyota. One look at that sparkling red Corvette and I knew what I needed to spice me up! Chinese food! SO I hopped into the Vette and frankly at 63 my hopper has slowed a little and fired her up and screamed off leaving a patch of rubber on my street and my neighbors saying the same thing they say whenever I leave. There goes that crazy old coot again. I arrived at MJ's a little quicker than usual and left the car in the street hidden behind her bushes, as a surprise. Big deal, right? I rang the bell, entered and found MJ alone, her DIL was bathing her granddaughter. MJ assured me she'd had her fill of food for the day, after a celebration with coworkers, of her new job starting today and her old one ending. We shot to the Chinese restaurant and I watched MJ not order a single thing. That's right, she ordered EVERYTHING! Noodles and Kung Pow this and Moo Goo that. That woman can put it away and never even slows down! As I picked at my number 14, MJ smiled and consumed...
I took her back to her house and her DIL was watching a movie, but quickly vacated the family room in favor of our privacy, so we could neck. Ah, nice to be 16 again....
Ten PM struck and I didn't know what hit me as I found myself standing in her driveway alone. I climbed into my little red friend and drove home always conscious of Johnny Law, when suddenly I realized the real partiers don't even start until 11 PM.
I awakened this morning around 8:30 AM by an annoying phone call. I read the caller ID to see if it was someone I wanted to speak with and Presidential Campaign was NOT on my list. Was it election time again? Does Obama know about this? Upon further inspection, I saw it was Prudential Arizona another Realtor.... no message. On my cell phone there was a message from a Diane McDonald with an attitude. I called her back and she made an appointment that she decided NOT to keep, but not even call until 2 hours later and she called to say she'd be right over. I told her to go away, her appointment was 2 hours earlier and to try again sometime. She was pissed!
At 11:30 I got a call from a woman named Victoria Something-or-other and she said she'd be here in 30 minutes. That worked out fine. I was out in front washing my boring Toyota when she pulled up in her Lexus SUV, 93% of all Realtors drive these, I've checked and 79% of those are tan with the remaining 21% being white.
Victoria got out and I yelled, "Hello lady" and she approached handing me a card. I looked at her card and immediately knew I'd seen her before and requested the computer in my head to give me the answer. While still looking at her picture and by the way, the picture was a good 15 years old, I said out loud, "I know where I know you from,"! Stammering, the lady started back-stepping and saying she's not on there anymore, are you? I said, no I'm seeing someone.. Victoria then volunteered that she was indeed "On There" again, but doesn't like it. We laughed.. Victoria is one of the woman that wrote to me, that I didn't respond to, for whatever reason. It was long ago, but we probably both remembered that. How awkward!
Life goes on.... MJ just called to tell me that her tire is very low. I may just have to make a "service call"!!!

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