Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day One of the Move...

I rode around today looking for a house. The Realtor that I chose was a friend of a former high school buddy and I really didn't know him. It was quite a day. First he was late and left me just sitting around all morning and afternoon and then he wanted me to meet him at a gas station at 64th and Greenway. Kind of unusual for a first meeting, I thought. I pulled into the gas station and parked right behind him and he waved. He said to follow him to the first house. It was close and I did. I really didn't care for it. It was small, with white 12" tiles throughout, had a full assortment of weeds, both front and back on top of cheap desert landscaping. I thumbed my nose at it and we exited. The second house was quite a distance, so I asked if he wanted to ride with me or should I park my car and ride with him? He said we need to take 2 cars. Huh? He said he had a mess in his car and he needs to work while on the way, so he can't ride with me. By this time, I figured my high school friend must have told him I was either gay or had been to prison! Frankly, I did feel a little rejected. So I followed him down Bell road all the way to the 101 and then he got on and started driving. It seemed like his driving kind of changed about then and he was way less aggressive in traffic. We were going to a house at 92nd and Shea and I watched him pass the Shea exit and continue rather slowly in traffic. He drove another 5 miles South or so and pulled into the Pavilions Shopping Center and then slowly pulled into a parking place. I figured he had to get a key or something and just waited in my car for him to exit and go into a store to retrieve it. That's when I saw two woman get out of the car I had been following and go shopping. Suddenly the light bulb lit over my head and I realized I'd been following the wrong car. I was mad now. He drove a Toyota, Sequoia  in charcoal gray and there must have been dozens of them on the road, just like his. I swear I never even looked away! 

I told him that when we left North Scottsdale to keep checking his mirror and if I disappear to call me. He didn't. I called him and he said he was at the next house, where was I? Half an hour later I got there and saw the second of 2 he had chosen for me. I really didn't like either one...............or him!

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