Monday, February 6, 2012

Mirror Images

An interesting phenomenon took place over Superbowl weekend. I met a woman online that may be different than all the rest. I learned from one of my former girlfriends and current devoted reader that I don't know how to pick, she called them, dates. If I were picking dates, I wouldn't bother at all. The fact is, if I never went on another "date" it would be fine with me. I'm looking for a female partner. You know, the type you live with on a permanent basis. Not necessarily a wife, I've had those and frankly it's not all that it's cracked up to be. No, just a partner. Her name is Marty and my name is Mel and we both thought of how well our names went together simultaneously. She referred to us as Marty and Mel and I thought of the Mel and Marty Show. It was quickly reduced to M&M. I offered her my phone number after a series of quick emails and she supplied it without any grief. No beating around the bush and playing hard to get. I hate the games some play. Even our phone numbers, hers ended with 6666 and mine ends with 6200. I called her on Sunday after she texted me at about 2 PM. After a 4 1/2 hour conversation, we learned quite a bit about one another. I think we would have still been on the phone if my battery hadn't just given up without warning. I rushed to the charger to recharge so we could continue the conversation, as she was leaving today for Portland for a few weeks. 

During the 4 1/2 hours, here are a few of the things that I learned about Marty. We have both been married 3 times apiece, totaling 6. We discussed all six marriages and the offspring. I learned that like me, she gave birth to a daughter that suffered a stroke. Her son's name is Brad and he married a woman 10 years his senior and his wife will have nothing to do with Marty in spite of her having done nothing to deserve that, similar to my situation with my son Brad.That part is remarkable. She has a limited relationship with her son Brad, as do I, and that is due to our daughter-in-laws. Our third and last marriages were ended as a result of a family member that caused the break up by being too aggressive in a matter that really didn't concern them and our weak spouses were influenced to the point of disaster. How are those for a set of circumstances that are almost precisely exact and so similar that it is scary? 

Obviously we haven't physically met yet, but I think that she is absolutely the type I like and hopefully we won't get horrible surprises when we meet. She has already told me that she needs to lose 20 lbs due to gaining weight after a foot injury, but she's 5' 5" and I'm not expecting a thin as a rail girl, just not a porker! When I first saw Marty online I thought she was too young for me. I have certain parameters for the women that they offer me and mine are a conservative 50 to 62. Occasionally they'll show me a 49 year old and I thought this was one of those times, but Marty from the M&M Show is well within my age category at 61. See what you think?



Unknown said...

And I could have talked to you endlessly as well. I am still smiling at your belief that I lied about my age, just so I could play with the Big Boys...OLDER MEN HAVE IT TOGETHER, for sure.
I'm excited at the prospects that await us... Keep Smiling!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! She sounds just perfect! I would love for you to have your last first date, didn't mean to offend, you never did like my choice of words. But whatever I write, I mean it, you deserve a nice and sweet lady and I hope this one is IT! NMS (and you have to admit, I would love her name....)