Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where Did it Fall Apart???

No one really knows what causes a match between 2 people to go awry, but it certainly doesn't take much. As I said prior, I was kind of excited about going out with one of my Kays, but that ended rather quickly after meeting. It started with a thoughtful phone call to let her know that the restaurant we were to meet at, was not that easy to find. It didn't have a street exposure and she'd have to enter the shopping center to access it. She called me kind of put out, asking if I could have chosen a place MORE difficult to find? I politely apologized but between you and me, I'd sent much dumber people there to meet me and they've found it! So I asked her what type of vehicle she was driving and she told me. Just as she told me, I watched a car just like hers make a u-turn and completely miss the driveway and I asked if that were her and she said yes. I told her to pull over and I'd come to her. She did. We laughed all the way into the restaurant, Tutti Santi's on 59th Ave. We entered through the kitchen and laughed our way to the reception desk, feeling like the sneaks that we were. Everything was going along great. I told her after being seated that I chose the wrong side of the booth, as my good side is elsewhere. She asked where and I said, evidently another restaurant! She giggled, pointing out that I was looking at her better side. Here is my analysis of her. She was 60, but Google thought she was 65. I believed her. She was short and had an old lady's flat butt, but she was still charming. She showed her age, but then again so do I. Her pictures, although she claims they are recent, make her appear much younger, but pictures can do that. Kay is an Agnostic, but I'm okay with that. Suddenly, after I told her a story on why I believe in God, she said Fisher, is that a Jewish name? I said, not really. There are probably more Christian Fishers than Jewish ones, but I was born and raised to be Jewish, but frankly don't follow any organized religion. That's when things took on an entirely different meaning. She clammed up tight and I don't think she said more than 10 words after my disclosure. At one point I stopped talking to see how long the uncomfortable silence would prevail and it was endless. She finally grabbed the check and said that since I hadn't ordered anything to eat, she would take care of it. In my 10 years of dating, I've never allowed a woman to pay her way. I was raised differently, but in this case, it was obvious to me that she was either anti-Semitic or suddenly developed menstrual cramps! I looked at her and said, I guess we're not a very good match, aye? She stared at me for about 10 seconds and said, I guess not.

I thought for quite awhile what went wrong, but I can only attribute it to one thing. What a shame...

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