Thursday, April 5, 2012

K-K-K's, the Medical Field and a Terry.

Because nothing in life is predictable, why should the dating scene be any different? First, it's really hard to maintain any kind of dating or social life when you don't feel well, which is my current situation. It seems I'm having a relapse with my Diverticulitis and have had stomach issues all day. I DID have plans with Kay number 1 for today, but had to cancel due to not feeling like it. Honestly, I think Kay number 1 has social issues, as she continuously sends me emails that are 3 words long on the Match website, in spite of the fact that I've given her my phone number and email address several times and she's given me hers. Today's was, "Feel well soon". Kay is a registered nurse and I thought I'd get more than that from her, but no.

Let's move right along to Kay number 2. She cute and clever and actually I'm quite drawn to her appearance and size. A thin shapely 5' 4" with a face that shows her 60 years, but with grace. She was married to a wealthy doctor for 20 years and has been single for 10 years, same as me. She was reluctant to tell me that and I fully understand, as that shows a lack of ability to connect emotionally. She also has a history of a medical background, working as a Medical Tech, whatever that is? I think being married to a doctor for 20 years gives her more medical experience that most nurses, however. Yeah, I like Kay number 2 and we have a date tomorrow night, God willing.

My last Kay isn't a Kay at all, but a Kate. (New twist) She's got a career too. Yes, you guessed it, she's a former nurse and is currently following a career in law. As of yet, I'm not sure of what capacity. We've not spoken but emailed just casually and only through the website. She said to contact her when I feel better and sent me a really sincere and caring email about it. I kind of like her too.

Then there was Terry, who popped up out of no place, literally. She's a new member on Match, a youthful 50 years old and latched onto me like a sucker fish. She's totally unsociable and doesn't display any social or people skills. You probably didn't realize I was that observant, did you? Her first email to me started out, "Dear Friend". I initially thought she was going to try to sell me something and I told her. Her email said she lived in Chicago for 18 years and her capitalization and punctuation indicated a lack of education. She capitalized the first letter of every word in her email and no punctuation whatsoever. That worried me too. In my polite email in return, I asked why she moved to Chicago, where she lived in Chicago and how she was enjoying her time on Match. Pretty benign stuff. She replied that she was born and raised in Grand Rapids, moved to Chicago and her husband died. All of that information was nice to know, but where was my answer? She answered questions that I didn't ask and again used poor lettering. I decided that instead of chastising her and re-asking all the stuff I asked, I'd just not reply. That was the kind thing to do when you're not interested. a day and a half later, she sends me an email that is scathing and says that this is why she's not successful on Match or other dating sites, because people don't communicate.

I quickly realized that this poor wounded soul just didn't have the skills to be doing this and I explained that she will receive about as much as she puts in. She only posted one picture and between you and me, it wasn't a good one (I didn't tell her that) and her entire profile was 2 lines. She didn't answer hardly any of the questions on the questionnaire and didn't answer any of my questions on my email. Her reply was a simple explanation that she has a hard time typing. Oh well, next.....

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