Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reversal of Fortune...

It was a warm and dark Halloween night, as I drove West on the all too familiar 101 West. Tonight's plan was avoid the trick or treaters by spending the night out enjoying good company and perhaps some entertainment and a good meal. I had already gotten the call from the Lovely Jules saying to get my ass in the car, I'm late! She's always so much the lady.

I arrived shortly after 7 and used my key to enter, only to be surprised my LJ opening the door yelling, it's Halloween, you're supposed to ring the bell and say trick or treat! I said trick or treat and she whipped out a surprise from behind her back. It was a Halloween box of Godiva Chocolate and here I was empty handed. I told her I was thinking about renting a mailman costume, but gave up on that idea. She punched me in the shoulder..............hard!

Jules was hungry and dressed up. I got the idea she wanted to leave for dinner and accommodated. We headed to AJ's, the upscale grocery store as they were supposed to have a jazz concert. When we got there, there was a fat woman singing show tunes to a crowd of old people. LJ told me I fit right in. I was proud to be the youngest guy there. We left and I was able to talk the Lovely Jules into going to Tutti Santi's, we hadn't been there in months. The place on the West side, their newest and nicest restaurant was empty, indicating the summer exodus from our hot city, in spite of the fact that it's almost November. Matao, the owner's son greeted us and made us feel right at home. Then he sent Debbie, his half sister over to say hi. That's the part that's left over from the old country, how the kids respect the friends of the father.

A new young waiter came over and was very friendly, very efficient and businesslike. I could tell he had been coached by Matao, that we were valued customers, as he inquired how we knew the owner. Time to order. After LJ mentioning to everyone within earshot that I didn't have my glasses, she read the menu to me, not realizing that I'd had it memorized many years before I'd met her. We decided on buttered dead snails for LJ and one of their world famous pizza's for me. It was their special, including anchovy, Italian olives and capers. Very delicious. LJ LOVES oysters, but I reminded her of how sick she got the last time she had oysters and she agreed it wasn't a good idea to eat oysters in the desert. We enjoyed our meals and partook of a strawberry cheesecake for dessert, sharing it nicely.

When the check came, Julie grabbed it and wouldn't give it up to me. She opened her little purse and had actually brought cash indicating she had planned to buy dinner all along. There was a time in my life when I'd have fought tooth and nail to pay that check, needing to prove my masculinity. Thank heaven those days are gone! She threw down her usual obnoxious tip of over $20 and we left.

Summing up. The service was great, the food was even better and the company was ideal. In the future, every time I eat or even smell anchovies, I'm going to think of the Lovely Jules!


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