Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Dating Guy Resurfaces...........Again

I had a couple of dates with a lady yesterday. Actually, that's a new experience, having 2 dates in one day with the same woman. I've spent the entire day with a lady and on occasion, several days in a row with a lady. A few times, I spent several years with a woman, but they call that marriage.

The lady's name is Beth and she needed to take her grandson up around my neck of the woods for a tutoring appointment at 9:30 AM. Then she'd have a couple off hours to kill, so I told her to call me when she's near and we'd meet somewhere. I never woke until 9 AM, after a night of tossing and turning. I actually saw 7 AM on the clock and was still up. I awoke at 9, with a roar of "Oh shit" and ran for the shower. I showered, shaved and was drying my hair when the phone rang and it was Beth, laughing. For a moment I thought she could see me, but it was just her friendly way of saying good morning. She said, "Well, where are we gonna met?" Drawing a blank, I screamed Fresh and Easy into the phone, it's on the corner of 12th Street and Bell. I'll see you there in 15 minutes... I hung up and had my work cut out for the next 14 minutes, just getting there on time. It seemed that I climbed into my clothes, all in one major motion and was putting on my shoes on my way out the door. I screeched into the parking lot, just as Beth pulled up driving exactly the same kind of car as me. My Toyota Corolla. She parked in the very corner of the parking lot and I pulled beside her. She looked at me and said, Mel? I said I'd better be or we're both gonna be in trouble. She hopped into my car and we took off for my old house where my realtor was holding a garage sale. I took her on a tour of the old house for the before and after effect. From there we went to my new house and sat and drank some coffee.........finally!

It seemed that Beth and I liked each other enough for me to tell her I'd like to see her again. I told her I'd call her. Beth is a psychiatric nurse and as predicted, she works a rather unusual schedule. She's off Saturday and Tuesday and she works from noon till midnight, 5 days a week at the state hospital.

About 3 PM, my phone rang and it was Beth. She said you were gonna call me, so I saved you the trouble. Since it was Valentine's Day eve, I knew all of the fine dining places would be booked up (and expensive) so I asked her if she likes Chinese food and she did. Naturally, we went to my favorite Chinese restaurant and enjoyed a little House Special Chicken (#14) my favorite. By the way, the Chinese restaurant is right next door to Smart and Final. So our day started at Fresh and Easy and ended at Smart and Final. I know there's a joke there somewhere! We headed back to my house to make out. Yeah, you read that right.

Well, the making out never happened. Probably because of the garlic and onions, but more realistically because we engaged in a rather heavy conversation. She told me she is the legal guardian of her 11 year old grandson and although he doesn't live with her, she is guardian so she can hold health insurance for him. He has some learning disabilities. He also has fixation issues, whatever they are. He'll obsess on different things in an unusual way. For example video cameras. He'll go to a store and look at video cameras for hours and talk about them when he gets home and can't sleep because of this obsession. He's also addicted to video games. I listened and learned. Then she volunteer something that just made the hair on the back of my neck stand. She told me that in her daughter's building and they live in an apartment in a rather poor neighborhood, but it's what they can afford. There is a man that lures the little boy into his apartment with video games and the boys spends hours with him. He's a gay man, about 40 years old and he has AIDS. She had my undivided attention. I asked questions. Why are they letting him be in the company of this man? Why don't they call the police? Well, first the daughter went down to the man and told him she did not want her son in his company and he told the mom, that it was his business and there was nothing she could do about it, the boys likes to come around. Then Beth went to talk to this alleged pedophile's apartment he told her the same thing. The police have been notified and they say there is no crime committed. This is ludicrous to me! The is a potential pedophile abusing an 11 year old boy and no one wants to do anything about it? I asked if she checked him out online and she said she doesn't know his last name. WHAT? Why not? Any respect I had for this woman walked out the front door. How could this little boy be victimized and no one is saving him?

At that point I started winding my alarm clock and she said it was getting late. I skipped the kiss goodnight and waved goodbye. She's off again on Tuesday, but I think I'm going to be busy.

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