Saturday, February 20, 2010

Great Dane Fever

It starts with the sweats and then a mild fever. Eventually if not treated, it can go to the chills and ultimately seizures, but I never let it get that bad. I usually go ahead and bite the Great Dane bullet and just adopt one.

Yesterday found me in a place called Queen Creek delivering my unwanted dog crate to a young couple that we owned by 7 dogs, four or them Great Dane pups. The oldest was a rather portly Chihuahua, whose best friend happened to be a 9 month old male Harlequin Great Dane. Talk about an unlikely couple, but you couldn't convince them that they weren't meant to be. The 4 Great Danes consisted of a pair of Brindles, he was 2 and 1/2 and she was about a year old and they will certainly be lovers during her next heat. Then there was my personal favorite, the male Harle, mirroring my late best friend Bogie and last was a 6 month old Black boy that was a bit timid within this pack. I came away from my meeting completely covered in puppy spit, but loved every stain on my well worn sweatshirt.

On my long ride home, I kept thinking if I only get one this time, he won't eat that much and it would be good company for me and thought of all the exercise I'd get walking him everyday, not to mention the security factor and pretty much justified it all in my head. Then I remembered being tied down to those dogs for the last 11 years, not even affording myself a vacation away from the Dynamic Duo. Then I remember the scenes like the one at the top of this page and the Great Dane fever starts all over again!

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