Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dog Crate for Sale

Crate for Sale
It turns out that Craig's List has been a valuable ally in unloading unwanted items that still hold a value. As I wrote about earlier, I quickly and conveniently sold my dining room set and earlier this week I was going through my over crowded garage and noticed that I had a dog crate occupying way too much room. So I notified the nice people at Craig's List and they supplied me with 3 interested buyers within hours. I had no idea that it would be such a hot item. The crate was for my badly missed Great Danes that left me last year. I'll always miss them, but not the crate that was always in my way. I sold it to a young couple that currently have 4 young Great Danes and 3 other "off brand" pups that share their Queen Creek home. I loaded the crate into my Expedition to take it to the young lady at her job, after her husband assured us it would fit into the back of her Honda Civic. I smugly laughed to myself, knowing full well it was ridiculous. But I had to be in that part of town anyway, so I agreed to bring it to her. I realized only a miracle or a can opener was going to make that 54"X48"X36" crate, fit into that little car, but I also knew she would pay me for my trouble and I agreed to deliver it to her home. But no, she paid me but insisted her husband's car would easily fit the humongous crate and she sent him to my house to fetch it.

This guy pulls up after driving 60 miles and gets out of his Chrysler 300 and he's about 6' 6" tall and built like a linebacker. He tried every way but sideways to fit that thing in his car, but quickly gave up when I once again offered to deliver it for the price of gas. Feeling defeated, he climbed into his full size car that began looking like a compact with him inside. I was kind of looking forward to the drive of 60 miles and seeing his 7 dogs, 4 of them my favorites, Great Danes!

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