Thursday, February 4, 2010

You Know I'm Available..................Again...

I'm not posting as much as I was, basically because all of the things happening in my life currently are of a personal nature and not for publication, however.....

Finding myself without a steady relationship, I wandered onto the dating site and scrounged up a woman that was without a partner. Kind of like, I cut one out of the herd. That's cowboy talk. Because of the nature of the contact, I don't feel comfortable releasing her name or picture, but for reference sake, let's call her Katie <-----her real name! Katie is 49 (I checked) Blond and shapely. She has an attractive face and seemed attracted to me. Here is how I know. She wrote to me twice when I was on and because of one reason or another, I never responded. See, I'm faithful! So knowing that Katie was attracted to me, I sent her an email that read: "Where do I know you from? Paris, the French Riviera, Italy or was it Katie responded immediately and we kind of took off from there. I gave her my phone number and she called me within seconds, when I said I remembered where I knew her from and it's....Ugh!

The phone rang, almost as I was sending my message to her. I saw from the caller ID, it was Katie and it offered her last name. I answered and we chatted for about 30 minutes when her guest arrived and I politely said I'd not occupy her time while she had company. We said goodbye and she said something to the effect that she enjoyed chatting. Great.

With nothing else pressing and she had offered that she owned an alternative healing clinic in Tempe. I decided to Google her and when I did, was I ever surprised? Here is what I found. There were numerous articles written about her for her clinic, but not near as many as were published about her career as a Court TV...... groupie? What would you call someone that spends all of their time following murder trials? Katie was instrumental in the conviction of the murder trial of Lacy Peterson's husband, Scott! I started reading and couldn't stop. It had a grip on me. Upon later researching this less than anonymous lady, I discovered that her sister, who was only 3 years older was murdered by a German that came to this country for the sole purpose of finding a wealthy woman and marrying her to collect her life insurance. He found Kathy's sister, romanced her with the aid of rented limos and rented tuxedos, bought a 2 million dollar life insurance policy on her the day after their wedding and killed her the following day! He violated her so tragically that she was almost decapitated when they found her tortured body.

Kathy was instrumental in this trial, as a witness and when he and his brother were both convicted and given the death penalty, Kathy evidently missed the drama of the trial and was immediately attracted to the Scott Peterson murder trial, that was just coming together. Kathy went to California on several occasions and posted her reports on message boards across the country. It said in the article that she had 38,000 readers. She was represented by Gloria Allred in a portion of that murder trial, who offered her services pro bono.

Interesting story so far, huh? Well, here lies the problem. When I told her I'd read the articles on the Internet, Kathy got pissed off, like I had invaded her privacy. Now my question to you, my readers. Is it an invasion of privacy if you read what's posted on the Internet? I certainly didn't think so. I've had women do background checks on me prior to meeting me for coffee. I feel it would be a shame if information was offered to me and I didn't take advantage of it, in a healthy way. I'd call that, "Shame on me". She asked how I figured out her identity and I answered, "caller ID"..... My God, it's 2010!

I think it was at that point that she seemed to get kind of creepy and told me she was uncomfortable with the way I learned about her and the way she made me feel was not too cool. So, it's back to the drawing board for me, or probably just cruise solo for awhile.

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