Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day with the Lovely Jules.... "Get on the Ground"!

The Lovely Jules and I teamed up yesterday to see what damage we could do to our already damaged reputations. It started with her picking me up and delivering a house warming gift to me. A tomato plant. We placed the little plant in the garden where it will one day soon earn it's keep. We headed to the barrio in search of an an address of a customer of Jules' and frankly I thought they were about to film an episode of Cops! Any second from any alley I was expecting to hear a loud speaker scream to us, "Get on the ground, get on the ground", but it never happened. We were delivering a rock purchase from Jules' new business. She collects rock across our Sonoran Desert and sells them on eBay. Quite profitable it appears. After dropping the precious gem ($9.95) we searched for a place to eat lunch.

Bitzee Mama's came to mind, I always like their over sized portions, so we headed to 58th Ave and Glendale in Glendale's infamous "Old Town" area. Whoa! What a disappointment. My mouth was already watering for their Chicken Fried steak, at least a 1/2 LB portion covered with rich, thick white gravy. (Don't tell my Cardiologist) I really lucked out, it was on their daily special for a mere $5.95. I ordered while Julie chose the hard to find grilled cheese sandwich. When the food came, my mouth fell open. Not in a good way either. My anticipation of a mouth watering 1/2 LB meal was quickly dashed by the presence of a 3" patty breaded and covered with a brown gravy and a teeny scoop of mashed potatoes, the kind you used to get in 4th grade in your school cafeteria. I was disappointed to find that the economy had even caught up with Bitzee Mama's!

We left there and Jules dropped me off at Paul's to pick up one of my cars and she headed for jail to visit her incarcerated son. I later found out that she was declined visitation today because Sheriff Joe wasn't in the mood for company yesterday. He just does that sometimes, declines visitation for no apparent reason besides he said so!

When I got home I made a sandwich and signed up for .............again. The emails declining my attentions have already started arriving. This should make for some good stories...


Jules said...

I respect literary license and all, but shouldn't Gus get even a mention?

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it