Monday, March 1, 2010

Moving Out of the I-10 Underpass...

In 2008, after being dropped repeatedly by Alltel service for no reason, I cancelled my contract, with them begging for me to come back. Eventually I was handed over to "Extreme Customer Service", who actually offered me $150 to return to their company, sighting my 12 years of faithful bill paying. I explained that I did my part by paying the bill, but I was repeatedly without service, thus my decision.

Not wanting to sign up with a new 2 year contract with a cell company that would give me equally poor service, I heard about Cricket, that did not require a contract. It was a month to month plan, but after I sunk $300 into a new phone, I kind of felt like they had me. Soon after my very first phone call I realized the service was poor at best and everyone agreed that I sounded like I was calling from within a tunnel. Eventually, I started explaining that I lived in the I-10 Underpass that was built several years ago and the acoustics are poor, but the rent was great! As time passed I started to just accept the poor reception and transmission features of this service and stopped even mentioning it. Then this past fall, when I took a trip across country, I discovered that Cricket did not have ANY service as soon as I left Phoenix. It was truly the hometown cell company. All of the way to Chicago and back, I carried my Cricket phone as a paper weight, because it sure as hell was useless for a telephone. With my upcoming trip to Florida next week, I was hoping to secure service with a different company and alas I did.

Today I moved from my home in the underpass of I-10. I now live with the wonderful world of AT & T with rollover minutes. I bit the bullet and caught up with the 21st century by purchasing a Blackberry phone. I have the Internet and vibrate and ring tones and minutes. Now the only way I can miss a message is to claim I lost my phone for awhile, because my service with be more than adequate. Hooray for Blackberry and AT & T. I never rally liked living in that tunnel anyway!

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