Sunday, March 21, 2010

The First Full Day of Spring...

Just because someone dies, doesn't mean that you stop celebrating their birthday, right? I mean you don't necessarily get them a present, but it's okay to think of them on that special day. So with that in mind, today is my mother's 93th birthday, in spite of the fact that she died on Feb 5th in 1987, just a little over a month before her 70th birthday. This may sound funny to say, but as vain as she was, perhaps it's better that she didn't have to see how she looked at 93. She would have been pissed!

It was sort of a quiet weekend that just passed. It started with a visit from the spa repairman. When I left for Florida, the spa was full and warm and happy, but when I returned, it was what you call empty. No explanation, just missing the hundreds of gallons of water that I left in it when I took off. No puddles or obvious leaks, just missing. I was threatening to call 911, when rational thoughts took over and I called Spa Guts instead. The Spa Guts repairman came out and suspected a leak..............brilliant, huh? He'll be back next Friday with a replacement pipe for my spa.

Having been neglectful of picking up my mail on Saturday, I moseyed down to the mailbox today, Sunday. To my chagrin, there was an envelope from the HOA association chastising me for having weeds in my front yard. It rained while I was away and I didn't hop right on it when I returned and 7 days seem to have passed with me being neglectful. It must have taken a day or 2 to get me the letter and I was a day late picking it up from the mailbox. That means the HOA must have issued the letter at the first sight of a seedling popping it's spring face up towards the sun. Instead of them delighting in nature, they chastised me for not yanking the mother out, along with it's baby roots. Well, fear not people, I got on the job today and yanked that little mother out! Mother nature will do well to think twice, before trying to display another of her children in my yard.

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