Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Cute Little Bird...

Someone I heard from, raised an old memory of mine, that seems to make me think I've actually written about this in the past. So if you feel like you've already heard this story, forgive me.

Many years ago, in a land called Buffalo Grove, Illinois, there lived a family that owned a VW bus. The year was 1970 and this 24 year old man and his wife and baby were planning a trip to Michigan to visit their former next door neighbors, Vic and Janice and their 5 children. It was early winter, but winter none the less and very cold. That family found out the hard way that a VW bus in the cold of winter, was not the ideal means of transportation, but that young man had to learn everything the "hard way". We were planning the trip, not realizing how cold it was for a vehicle that had an air cooled engine and a very poor heater. He later would talk about how ice formed on the inside of the windshield and he had no scraper to remove such ice, but I digress.

I was finished packing for our trip and had already loaded the bus and moved it back out of our one car garage into the driveway, when out of nowhere, a cute little bird flew inside the garage and was confused about how to fly back out. Even though the garage door was wide open, the cute little bird flew to the window in the garage and kept flying into it, to regain it's freedom. Thinking quickly, the young man who shall remain nameless, picked up a rake and slowly approached the cute little bird that was now resting on the top of the bottom window. He was right where the window locking device was and the young man felt that if he could slowly unlock the window and gently raise the window, the cute little bird could fly out to freedom. Moving ever so slowly, so as not to startle the cute little bird, he gently moved the handle side of the rake towards the lock and tried to, again, ever so slowly release the lock, he could then raise the window rendering it "open".

At this time, I'd like you to appreciate the delicate situation that exists between man and animal and the elements of nature. As the man slowly moved the lock to the open position, without notice or warning of any kind, the top window came dropping down, like a guillotine, chopping off the cute little bird's head! All the innocent man could do at this point was to think, "Oh, I sure wasn't expecting that"!

On the ride all of the way to Michigan, that young man chose not to share that story with his young happy wife and new baby boy. No, he decided to just keep it to himself that he was a MURDERER! Man those VW buses can get cold....

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