Friday, March 26, 2010

Toothless in Tucson...

Toothless in Tucson

Now let me ask you, the reader, a question. If you were going to have a picture taken for a dating website, wouldn't you either not smile, or wear your false tooth or place a piece of white paper where the missing tooth used to live? Well,it appears that Peggy, who is willing to offer a hug at any time day or night, doesn't agree with you. Peggy thought it would be novel to offer a dark spot where that missing tooth used to live, creating a very sexual look. Who could resist kissing Peggy after her hug, to play a game of hide and seek, in her oral cavity area. Sounds like great amusement... I know I sound a little sarcastic and cruel, but really people!

This lady wrote to me about 3 weeks ago and I wasn't interested then and I'm certainly not interested now. It seems that I've taken the liberty of changing my photo on her dating service and she couldn't handle the change, in addition to the fact that now I show up as a year older too. The following paragraph is her email to me. In my profile, I claim to be a retired Hokey Pokey instructor. Torturing cats??? Who do I report her to? Certainly not Joe Arpio, my completion is enough to get me deported to Mexico.

EMAIL: "It's been awhile since I've danced the Hokey Pokey and think I might need a few more instructions. I'm always the one who crosses the street and there is a cop waiting on the other side waiting to write a ticket for walking while intoxicated.
Being a small person and only having size 2 foot which means I can get my shoes in the kids' dept. Course, there isn't much a selection for ladies in this section.
The pictures aren't the best and are about 3 years old and I'm in the process of trying to catch my neighbor so I can load some new pictures on this computer. I dance, travel, torture cats, laugh, cry and more but it would take forever.
My email address is or at 520-555-5555 and I do answer both of these.

Hugs (always available) and dreams,

Note from author*** I changed the email address and phone number to stop readers from hitting on this poor lady. Also, she's 71 years old.

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SOUL said...

that's funny. i hope it was sposed to be :))