Monday, March 29, 2010

Groundhog Day Syndrome or GDS...

It seems that Toothless in Tucson is a little more serious than I first thought (previous post). At first glance, she was light hearted, attractive (to her grandchildren) light on her feet, petite, and wouldn't require a lot of toothpaste. Now it seems, the problem is a little more serious. Since posting my little blurb about Toothless in Tucson, she's written me twice more and in each additional email, it doesn't make any sort of reference to any of the previous ones. In other words, everyday Toothless gets up, goes on the web, sees my profile and decides it would be a good idea if she made contact, in spite of the fact that she's done this now repeatedly.

Let me interject at this time, that I DO NOT have a medical degree, although by this age I've contracted most diseases and maladies several times and consider myself an expert in some areas, however no doctor with a medical degree has ever come to me for a consultation. That said, my diagnosis is that she suffers from Groundhog Day Syndrome, very similar to Dementia, yet different. GDS offers the carrier a wide eyed look, including an innocence and naivety that is often confused with Dementia, but is usually remedied temporarily by a short afternoon nap.

Now knowing that the problem lies deeper than just a simple senior crush, I dispense with writing about Toothless in Tucson, unless the subject suits me at a later date.

Thank you.

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