Sunday, September 19, 2010

Explaining Lupita...

The purpose of this post may seem to make me appear vain or full of myself, but that is not the purpose of mentioning this. On Friday, all alone, I returned to the doctor's office in downtown Phoenix, after receiving a text from LJ that she was otherwise involved for the day. Lupita, who was generally described in a less than flattering fashion was there to greet me and greet me, she did. Her frown turned up-side-down and delivered to me the warmest smile in the history of the face! As I approached her secured desk position, I reminded myself of her less than courteous attitude and to my surprise she greeted me with "Hi Mel, back for your iron? I'll tell Donna you're here, no need to sign in, I know who you are" and she directed me to a seat. After sitting and minding my own business, an African American woman about 74 years old came in, checked in, and sat down next to me. Then, Lupita yells across the room, "I see you're here alone today, who's going to hold you down while they try to put the needle in"? At a loss for an answer, I pointed to the lady that just sat down next to me and said that we were together! Well, you would have thought I'd invited her to the prom. The elderly lady sitting next to me opened up and turned out to be hysterical! She told me if I tried anything she'd make me sorry and we laughed like a couple of hyenas until Donna came and saved me from this unlikely match. She was charming, 74 and a recent Phoenix transplant. We talked about her poor son dying of cancer, Obamas health plan and how she hates Jan Brewer. She was the highlight off my day.

Almost losing the point of even mentioning all this, Lupita was acting jealous! When she saw LJ, she decided to be rude to me. Could she have been feeling jealousy or was she just having a bad day?

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Hormones. NMS