Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Already Tried an Apple a Day...

I had a busy day today with doctors and blood. I got a call from my doctor's office saying they had the results of my recent blood tests from last Friday. Not good. It's a miracle I'm still breathing. My levels are so out of whack, that he took me off of some of my meds for a time and wanted me to retake the blood test today. At first I argued, pretty much because I hate going and getting blood drawn from girls that haven't a clue on how to find a vein, particularly when they all tell me mine are really easy to find. Last week, my Creatinine level was extremely high, indicating that my kidney function in compromised, but I tried to explain to the doctor that LJ usually stops one organ or another when in her company and it was my kidney's turn. He wasn't going for it and I had to repeat the test today. Fortunately I didn't get the same girl this time and it went rather quickly and without splashing too much blood around the place. She knew to expect trouble when I asked for rubber gloves, goggles and goulashes to protect myself with.

I went to the doctor's office where his assistant was there to give me a Epogen injection and scheduled me for a series of 5 iron infusion visits, a another 5 scheduled for next month. My iron saturation is 12 and is supposed to be around 50-55. My hemoglobin level was way low too, at 9.5. Should be in the high teens, at least. So there was a reason I was so severely tired recently, but without insurance, good blood levels are a luxury. God Bless Medicare!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry honey for your not feeling too well. Yet, FYI, a hgb in the 9's isn't the end of the world...heck, we don't transfuse till below 7! So cut yourself some slack, you are still above ground! NMS