Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting in Trouble and Never Leaving the House...

Did you ever do this? I just finished writing a long detailed email to the Arizona Dental Board reporting Dr. Lloyd to them, for his almost criminal acts towards me in the field of dentistry. He did not supply a minimum of dental care when he selfishly treated teeth that were terminal. I liken it to doing a face lift to a dead woman. I wrote this email using the best choice of vocabulary available to me through my high school interrupted education. I know I misspelled words like "Pennecillan", but wasn't worried about it because we have spell-check, right? I used dates and results and how he lied to me and frankly, when I hit send, I only had one thing left to do and that was to hit "spell-check". Do you know the feeling when you send something off to it's recipient knowing full well that you're going to appear like a blabbering idiot because of the way you chose to spell words like tetth (teeth)? That empty feeling in your stomach as you try to dive into the computer to retrieve the rushed email, but to no avail.

I just got the reply from a very charming lady that struggled through my email and it said, (and I could picture her actually forming the words and speaking very slowly to me). "Please download and use the proper form supplied" I didn't really want her to know that when I first got my computer, that I incorrectly installed Windows email and since that date, many times when I try to contact websites, I get a sign saying, "Since you were too stupid to install Windows Email correctly, you cannot use this website". With my head down, I go elsewhere.

I called the Lovely Jules and my buddy in Florida Barry, both well versed on the computer issues and both said the same thing. They just didn't know the correct way to do it. It has to do with POP3 and SMTP carriers for incoming and outgoing emails, DUH?

Well finally, the nice lady at the AZ Dentistry Board sent me the necessary forms due to my imminent stupidity, but guess what? Due to the DOC format, I couldn't open them. Do you think I'm going to tell her? Noooooooo!


(M)ary said...

Maybe you could go to the library, print the form from the computer there. Also, a librarian may be able to help get it off the intenet for you too.

Plus, why should you have to get it from the internet? This form could be mailed to you. Not everyone has computers and email with atachments.

Keep trying. Sounds like this guy is a lousy dentist and needs to be reported.

Things I Left Behind said...

Thanks (M)ary, I was able to download it from a different website and it's filled out and in the mail, as of 2 hours ago.