Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Qwest to the Rescue!

In spite of the fact that yesterday's post was to mention my senior moment, I entitled it Blame it on Qwest and Qwest came to my rescue. They weren't able to do a thing for my bout with Alzheimer's, but Stephanie Lake wrote me today about my Qwest problems and singlehandedly resolved everything, in spite of my continually arguing with her. Hopefully next month will not present me with a plethora of duplicate bills and my Directv will not be turned off. If, in fact anything goes wrong this time, I'm giving up my computer when I'm not stealing a signal and will watch only what my old rabbit ears afford me. I still have them and the same aluminum foil is just waiting for another chance to prove it's on there for a reason, besides tradition! Thank you Stephanie!

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