Friday, March 16, 2012

Ambien... Nuf Said!

It's no secret that I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I've mentioned it before. Dr. Harvey has been kind enough to prescribe Ambien for me and when it didn't do squat, he told me to try Melatonin that I can get at Costco, over the counter. I did. Unfortunately, I was up to 4 pills a night, before I spoke with Dr. Harvey, who told me to cut it back, I was taking too much. More or fewer pills really made no difference, still no sleep. Last night, after about 3 sleepless nights, and don't get me wrong. I sleep a little, then am awakened for no reason and just lay there for hours. Nothing seems to help. Already pretty tired, I popped a 5mg Ambien for good luck and began my evening routine, which is reading a mystery thriller, that I'm not finding the least bit thrilling. After about 15 minutes, I noticed that I couldn't concentrate on my book and repeatedly started the page over and repeatedly, nothing sounded even familiar. How odd! Another thing that was rather unusual, was there was another conversation going on in my head. I really couldn't make it out, but it was interfering with my concentration. Aren't I too old to become schizophrenic?

I decided that I wasn't tuned into the book and got up and played on the computer for awhile. Ah, Facebook. I saw that I had a friend request from a lady that I had spoken with earlier, a raging Republican and a hater of Obama, all rolled into 5' 2" and about 110 LBS. They don't have to be big, to be loud! I accepted her friendship and Facebook started suggesting other friends. That's when I decided that I should invite anyone that I went to high school with to be my new Facebook friend. I didn't even know these people. I must have invited about 15 total strangers to be friends with me, why not?

At some point, I realized I was really kind of groggy and decided to quit fighting it and went to sleep. It was about 1:30 AM by then and enjoyed a restful wonderful night of sleep, until Macy barged in about 7:30 and jumped on top of me. It wasn't until about 2 hours later that I opened the old laptop and saw the strangers that had accepted my invitations and wondered initially where the hell they all came from? Then it all started coming back to me. Now, do I explain it all to them or just leave the course of events alone? I'm gonna take Ambien again tonight, just to see what kind of fun I can have!


Anonymous said...

Now I understand.
I'm sure you will be remembered, she has a memory like an elephant.

Very fancy TimeLine! Keeps you busy on those sleepless nights.


Things I Left Behind said...

If this is so innocent, why do you sign as anonymous and use a bogus name, Sherry?

Anonymous said...

Sherry is the name you gave me