Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sleeping in the Desert...

I hate making the bed, so I don't! No one is around to make me and it's so much easier to close the door than make the bed, that I cannot tell you. A few days ago I washed sheets, another job I hate. The honest truth is, there are only 2 things I really like to do in beds and the second one is sleep! Let me get back to my story. So I washed and dried the only set of sheets I have left after the move. Somehow, the other 8 or 9 sets just disappeared. So to have clean sheets, I always have to wash and remake the bed and as I mentioned, I'd rather scrub a toilet than make the bed. 

So it's late at night, I'd had a busy day and it was really comfortable weather all day and no pajamas are required. Dressed only in my shorts I climb into bed and move around to get comfortable and I notice that my bed for some reason feels like I just laid down on the desert floor to sleep, instead of my 400 thread count, well broken in only set of sheets. What the hell? I jump out of bed, throw on the light and inspect my fresh clean sheets, only to find that sometime during the day, Macy had slipped into my room and jumped up in my bed to enjoy a few dog biscuits in privacy, leaving a full assortment of crumbs where she laid! Oh woe is me!

Who Me???

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