Friday, March 16, 2012

Strange Thing Happened on the Way Home from the Strip Club!

I open my laptop and there's an email from someone named Sandi. 

Initially, I was pleased to hear from her, as she was pretty and of the same faith that my parents told me I was.. Then I noticed she was 62, right at the upper crest of my age limit. Then I read her email and about fell off my chair. The old expression "CONTROL FREAK" jumped out at me. I've listed our communication here for your reading pleasure.. I've been doing this long enough now, to learn not to take any guff from would-be social freaks. So the email that you see below came popping out of my laptop with a little coaxing from me. I thought I worded it well, but still made my point. However, her reply was pleasing enough that I reconsidered my decision to "just say no!" After the last email through the dating website, I wrote her privately and offered her my phone number, as per her request, showing that I'd given in, so to speak. Big Mistake! 

I'd say that we had chatted for about 3 minutes on the phone before the topic of what an asshole Obama is, came floating out of her one sided mouth. Then she asked if I were a Conservative, like her. I told her it was a little late to be asking, lol. I told her that it's probably not a good idea to discuss politics on our first conversation, in view of the extreme differences of the two parties, these days. For example, we Democrats drive with our family pets "inside" the car! We chatted for about 30 minutes, I realized that our having even begun was a mistake and said our goodbyes. I'd say, within 10 minutes, she sent me an article that read, "Obama Plans on the U.S. Tax Payers to Spend 1.76 Gazillion Dollars in the Next 4 Years" and an invitation to be her friend on Facebook. Seeing her full name on Facebook, I Googled her, a practice to be observed, and learned that the lovely Sandi was, ready?...........................Seventy Two years old! 

Can you see in her second line of her first email where she says she's honest (in almost everything)? That's what she meant! I'll post her picture, so we can all say together, "SHE DOES NOT LOOK 72"!!!!! 

 HI Mel,
 You have an intriguing profile. Well let's see, I am slim,honest (in almost everything),cute, and probably would be attractive to you.My mind works overtime and I love my life. That seems to address a few of your caveats for a "person of interest." If you would like to talk, I will be happy to call you or, email me at I am not into long drawn out emails! Sandi

 My purpose is not to be critical of you, but reading your reply to me, only one thing jumped out. You took "control" of everything. You responded favorably initially, then you instructed me on how to reply to your email and even the length of my email back to you. You mention men that flat line does not work, but then you take charge. I think we just had our first fight! If I'm wrong, please explain, if not, I doubt we would get along. I tend to be my own man. Mel

 Hi Mel, Right, first fight and I never fight with anyone. I never mentioned the length of your email. Don't know where that came from. Was not trying to be instructive either, but, u r clearly right...we would not get on well. I sincerely wish you good luck. Thanks for your interest. Sandi

 "I am not into long drawn out emails!" If you screen down, you'll see this as the last line of your email.

 Mel, It was definitely mot a comment or complaint about your email which I thought was lovely. It was simply a statement about me. I, personally, prefer talking on the phone rather than emailing. Sorry it was open to being misconstrued.


randinthecity said...

She does NOT look 72!

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